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Still confused on the benefit of using the continuous stream of flame. The damage is negligible (actually less than just a regular blast of the vent), the enemies are not stunned and you spend more emblems.
It's for pyros, I enjoy using this on zombies in mibu village. Yes I hope it stuns for a bit longer against other mobs.


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As with all Prosthetic Tools, they are situational. It also consumes a Spirit Emblems as you hold the "flamethrower", which can be a waste depending on the case. However, the Okinaga's Flame Vent is actually great at the Sunkey Valley to clear those pesky monkeys that drop the Monkey Booze, near the Idol before the fight against the Guardian Ape. It is also very useful to "cheese" some fights against red-eyed enemies, specifically the Ujinari Mizou found near the Hidden Dojo Idol at Ashina Castle.
It's for burning crowds without having to wait for each burst to charge up.
I’d say it’s useful against human mini bosses. It’s really easy to cheese them with fire
The fact that it's called Okinaga's Flame Vent kinda baffles me, like ot was invented by someone named Okinaga. I was disappointed to see no lore on this name in the description. Same thing goes for Suzaku's Lotus Umbrella and Phoenix's Lilac Umbrella.
Okinaga means "long breath" in Japanese, while the Suzaku is one of the four divine animals in eastern myth, it is pretty similar to the Phoenix.