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How is this thing superior to the previous version? Also, it costs 3 emblems to use, 1 more than the aged and regular versions.
Doesn't it create a stream of fire that burns enemies?
Yes,it leaves a blazing trail of fire along the path of travel,if you have the follow up skill,you can use it,flinch the enemy from the fire and come in first a cheeky back slash.
This is one of the best prosthetic tools in the game according to my testing. You can also throw oil on an enemy or boss and set them on fire with this at the cost of 3 Spirit emblems while avoiding damage. Compared to the flame vent which cost three Spirit emblems but you take the risk of getting hit it is one of the best Prosthetics in the game for sure.
Also when you teleport and set them on fire the chasing slice begins and you get a free R1 span right after so it totally out damages the flame vent or almost any prosthetic to be honest.
I got most Raven feather from dodging the *****er who guard it. That *****er is tough.



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It does Huge posture damage when you burn someone from behind after teleporting.