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"but on should keep in mind not to spam the guard button in hope for a successful deflect" ignore this, tap deflect it works.
I agree, like a tapping motion.
Yea, some enemies attacks have really hard to read timing when you first encounter them, I spam the heck out of that deflect button and get the deflect half the time, other half just a regular block. I'd like to see more of an explanation as to why spamming deflect is bad.
IMO I think it would be better if it is "Spamming the button will not always guarantee a successful deflect"
I just read that you lose posture when spamming even if you get a successful deflect, whereas if you hit the button once to deflect you lose no posture. Not 100% sure if this is accurate. But I'm gonna start looking for it
Actually, nevermind.
I believe your posture would recover significantly more slowly if you keep spamming L1 instead of just standing or guarding constantly. Thus, you'd get guard broken more quickly.
items need to do more..
30 frames to parry and people tell this game is harder than ds with 10-14 frames on rolls lmao,not even saying you have i frames on jump and step dodge too.
> if the user has recently released the Guard button How recently is recently?
I am just guessing here but I think maybe after the 7 frames have passed then it goes back to 30 frames.
Can we deflect AoE kicks/attacks? Not any perilous ones, just ground slamming ones.
Yes, you can deflect anything that doesn't have the danger kanji.