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The Father is still your Father, it's HARD.
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can someone summarize the dialogue for me please? i couldn't talk to him because i fcked up and jumped on his head ...
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i didnt read that too! I cant find even a video that contains the conversation!
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(Owl) That day. I pulled you from that battlefield, a starving cub... i had no idea what ypu'd become. (Sekiro) Father. (Owl) it breaks my heart... But i'm putting you down!
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Actually in stage 1 the Owl has a firecracker attack (jump or dodge backwards) and in stage 2 a bird that can teleport him to the location it glows if it is blue. Or if it's red the Owl will fire a fire long range fire beam and then do a long range thrusting attack. Jump the beam and dodge the thrust. I didn't notice any other moves different to the first phase. His second phase is easier by the way since you can get a free mikiri counter after the beam/thrust.
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the firecracker slash can be dodged entirely without jumping if you're close enough and time it correctly granting you a few free hits, but because you didn't jump backwards to gain distance he won't use the thrust so no mikiri counter. So dodge forward for vit damage or jump backwards for posture damage i guess
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Also he can be burned just like the previous owl. Best way to accomplish this is with flame barrel and living force skill which gives your sword burning. It doesn't do that much but if you can throw it in when you got some free hits it can be worth it if you know what you're doing, particularly because he staggers when burn is inflicted granting you even more hits or heal space.
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If you play aggressively and attack him, he tends to have a lot more openings that you can take advantage of.
By Anonymous
so is this a repetition of the fight atop Ashina Castle?
By Anonymous
If only =P He's more aggressive, has more moves, and the pillars in the room make a 'run around him and step in for a hit' tactic a lot harder to pull off. Until someone finds a cheese, he's pretty much the shining example of "learn his moves, and get those reflexes going".
By Anonymous
In Castle he is like Iudex Gundyr, in Hirata he is more like Champion Gundyr.
By Anonymous
OP here, from what Ive seen from the attack list it is the same as the castle fight. so hes just more aggreissive I guess
By Anonymous
Much harder than the first Owl fight. A lot of luck is involved here. Apply good pressure on his extreme attack patterns and keep doing so throughout phase 1. Phase 2 is where it gets tricky because of the Spirit Owl but do the same thing and avoid or counter his somewhat unblockables set up with the Spirit Owl. Do that and you'll probably win or you'll die a lot...
By Anonymous
Pretty much every boss fight in Sekiro has given me great satisfaction in beating, and even if I spent hours figuring it out, I never got frustrated. Even Hatred Demon became a relatively easy and enjoyable boss battle. But Hirata Manor Owl is the lone exception. I legitimately think this is a bad fight. There are a myriad of reasons for this, but it really comes down to two things: a single incredibly cheesy and overpowered attack, and his inability to be punished even when you do the right things. So the cheesy attack is his shuriken + followup slash. I have no idea why it's so strong, so hard to avoid, and damn near impossible to punish. I could kick his *** from post to pillar, but the moment he decides to spam that twice in a row, I'm probably going to die. Maybe it's because I'm in NG+, but that attack will one-shot me even at 20 vitality, can STILL one-shot me on a block, and will STILL do 1/2 to 2/3 health on anything but a perfect deflect. Even then, you're not in position to counter attack; you just gotta take it. It's incredibly difficult and dangerous to try to dodge the initial shuriken, as that'll almost always put you in position to get one-shot. He can also pull it off at point blank, and even if you dodge behind him, he'll often whip into a 180 and one-shot you. It's such a stupid, broken attack, and it's even more frustrating because Sekiro's version does like a speck of damage. The sheer power of Owl's version does not compute. The other problem is his ultra-fast recovery, and his techniques that constantly put him out of harms way even if you perform the correct counter. For example, it seems like 4 out of 5 times, my attempts to Mikiri counter his Shadowrush results in him simply sliding WAAAY past me, and he recovers so fast that you can't follow up without using spirit emblems; it's obviously one of his few openings for damage, but the game physics just wonk out on this one, so it's just one wasted opportunity after another. There are also moves that you can hop over, but then he just runs off to the other side of the freakin' map, allowing him to just take swings at you without any repercussions. Also, for the love of god, do not do thrust attacks/Shadowrush to his face; he will Mikiri the crap out of you. So far, I've only been able to nail two openings: any time he does the flipping overhead slash (just sidestep behind him and get at least two slashes in), and any time he does that combo that ends in firecrackers and a slash (dodge the firecrackers at the last second, land two slashes). He also has that brutish Ichimonji-esque overhead smash which you can sidestep, but if you sidestep too early, he'll switch it into a Whirlwind Slash that's much harder to punish. I've learned you can get two slashes in during its startup if you're quick enough, and then dodge behind for two more slashes. It's risky, but the damage is worth it. Well, I mean, it would be worth it if we could even DO damage... at 24 Attack i feel like I'm just poking him relentlessly to no avail. What's even more obnoxious is that the vast majority of my damage comes from random slashes that land for seemingly no real reason. Sometimes Owl just decides to stop blocking and start walking with his hands down. Sometimes he gets hit repeatedly because he's inexplicably looping the same AI pattern. Regardless, there's nothing more saddening than not getting rewarded for doing the right things, but attaining most of your success from random attacks. That's not a good design. His lack of openings, his inability to be punished (both by design and by technical flaws), his MASSIVE damage for an essentially undodgeable/semi-unblockable setup, and his huge health bar make this into a nightmare of a fight, and that's only the first phase. I guess it makes sense narratively, though: just how badly do you want to kill yourself?
By Anonymous
So the overpowered attack, I either never got one shot by it on NG+ demon bell, or always at least gaurded one or both of the hits. I just deflected the shuriken then dodged into the slash (to the right) and that gave me a gauranteed opening to punish this attack. Even if the shuriken was just gaurded half the time I'd still get to hit him, and was one of the moves I was always glad to see coming, (except when he used it behind firecrackers since I couldn't see it coming sometimes.) For the mikiri counter, except for when he did the thrust into a pillar I was always able to get it off (assuming it was timed correctly, which I personally felt was forgiving) and always got the chance to instantly dmg him without moving afterwards. For the perilous sign that you can hop over, half the time I'd at least be able to get in some chip dmg from slashing or stomping on his head, and a lot of the time this puts him into the Ichimonji attack, which was a nice 4 free hits if I noticed fast enough, and if my roll to do the 2nd two attacks happened to go into his 2nd version of the attack, I always had the chance to deflect the whirlwind, at least. The amount of health he has isn't too bad, (I found.) with 22 attack. It felt like a nice real fight, just needed to be patient you really only needed to get his health to about half or just under in order to get his posture all the way up too. For the random free hits, usually it's when he's about to go into an attack without or do a jump, sometimes you can sort of delay a slash in order to get one of these. A lot of other bosses and minibosses also have this. Butterfly is a big example. I never felt as if I wasn't getting rewarded from doing this fight well. For his 2nd phase, I felt that there was more openings for attacking available, and that the phase as a whoele might have been easier, as 2 of the new attacks he has with the owl almost always resulted in free dmg, my main issue with this phase was when he kicked into the air, I'd forget that he added shurikens into this phase.
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just a rage post with extra steps, nothing to see here
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