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By Anonymous
Push him into a corner and he's done. Jump over the fire bird and dodge into the firecrackers.
By Anonymous
I can't do it. I've tried everything. Gonna skip this one, my sanity is on the line :(
By Anonymous
Why did they extremely buff this guy? This is impossible with his million attacks that all need a very specific counter. I cant predict the future so have no idea which of his million attacks he is gonna do next. And that for the whole LONG fight AND 2 phases.
By Anonymous
Git gud
By Anonymous
It takes trial and error and video guides won’t help you here, so sit down on your chair and get grinding on this boss you got this.
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By killerbota
try not to get pushed into a wall and comboed challenge (impossible)
By Anonymous
Almost made me quit the game. For the first two hours, I got him to his knees and the prompt to finish him didn't appear! It took me another two hours to finally defeat him. The rhythm for me was to close in, attack attack, deflect deflect then a 33/33/33 chance on whether he'll do firecracker combo, long combo with the shoulder block, or a short combo that leaves him open. This guy dropped my 500 spirit emblems to 100 in my inventory.
By Anonymous
Boss should be called Owl (firecracker Lover) instead of father, every second combo is with firecracker :D
By Anonymous
he is a true master shinobi, he conceal his presence not just by using shinobi firecracker, strafing super fast left and right or being invisible itself by becoming the spirit owl... but his real weapon is the spirit owl that blocks your f*****g view when the camera angled just right enough to center the spirit owl and block the whole fight on locked target while you're being punished.
By Anonymous
and for the love of god don't even THINK of trying to heavy attack him.
By Anonymous
I just beat this boss for the first time, I'm on NG+2 and I'm not sure if it matters but I had attack on 26

This boss isn't THAT hard, you just have to get used to his attack patterns and be EXTREMELY agressive and you will beat him in no time. There are some very dangerous attacks that can easily one or two shot you that are great moments to attack him since they're easily avoidable if you know what you're doing, for example. In fact, I even accidentally beat phase 1 barely having used anything but unga bunga attack and parry, maybe some heals and buffs and nothing else, and I managed to beat phase 2 first try.

In short, very tough boss that requires you to git gud and once you do is quite """easy""". The best strategy is to be VERY agressive, as in literally run towards him and unga bunga attack. Don't let him breathe, just strike him until he dies. If you repeat enough times you will get used to him parrying you and how to parry him or what attacks to dodge, like the firecracker attacks. Just don't get frustrated and you'll eventually succeed
By Anonymous
This man's posture is ridiculous. For that reason I usually buff with Divine Confetti in the beginning and use Ashina Cross to reduce his health bar. Ashina Cross is a good pick because you can delay it in the second phase when he sometimes teleports away from you during punish windows. My primariy shinobi tool is Great Feather Mist Raven to dodge his Firecracker cheese consistently while also dealng some fire damage of my own. Damn, Sekiro without Kuro's Charm is so fun. It really forces you to use all your tools.
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