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Probably the best prosthetic tool in the game. Effective with a very large variety of enemies, does a ton of damage on vitality and even if they guard it does an immense amount of posture damage. Can destroy shields in 1 hit, thereby breaking posture on shielded enemies in 1 hit (even the large ones). Has hyper-armor (aka "poise" or some form of it - so can't be interrupted once the animation gets past a certain early point) and a little known fact: can also break the large brimmed straw-hat that some rat type enemies wear in one hit, thereby breaking their posture in 1 hit.
Tip: If you long press RB/R2 for the swing attack, keep taping RB/R2 for more swing attacks in a row until the spirit embles are out. It was the easiest way for me to kill this "lovely" Elite Samurai in the Upper Tower... stealh Attack with the green sugar and the immediately hold RB/R2 and taping RB/R2. Needs some timing. Does work for enemies with low posture, but not on e. g. Seven Samurai Spear.
Charged R2 can break large enemy shields