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This should be under Firecracker, not Flame Vent.
the delayed explosion looks not so useful
I think it is. If you combine it with chasing slice its stagger will usually be enough for you to continue spamming attacks until the firecrackers explode
the delayed make it hard to use but the debuff (take slightly more Vitality and Posture damage) make it worth it if timed correctly it can wreck boss (i like to use it with shadow rush combat art)
Yeah I feel like this is meant to be used in conjunction with high damage weapon arts. I use this along with empowered mortal draw and it CLEAVES through health bars, it's insane - all you need to do is get the timing right.
Is it just me or does the debuff only work on some enemies? Feels like it doesn't work on bosses. Has anyone tested this?
Update: I just quickly tested it on Owl (Father). Both posture and vitality damaged seemed to be the same hitting him once while stunned using both Longspark and Purple Fume. I can't really be sure without actual numbers though.
Purple fume spark debudd + yashikaru buff + divine confetti/bestowal= hypermode! I'm gonna have to see who this works on.
I understand why it has to be slow for balance reasons but the problem is the rebuff lasts like 8 seconds and on top of that it takes forever to activate. Almost every time I try to use it I get hit. It just takes slightly too long to poo imo. Although saying that it works wonders on the bull mini bosses.
To pop* lol damn autocorrect.
It's pretty good if you use this and Chasing Slice on an enemy that can block.