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By Anonymous
I just threw an oil, blocked the attack when it gleams with the umbrella, then hit him with the flame vent. Rinse, repeat, profit.
By Anonymous
Spinning (R2+L1) Suzaku's Umbrella completely potato's this guy. Spin it during his Iai-flurry, then wail on him while he cowers. Pop a confetti/Ako's if you want, but (at 12 attack on NG) it's overkill.
By Anonymous
Is this a bug? I ran past him unlock the idol. Now he no longer exists, even if I come from a different idol. I never even hit him once.
By Anonymous
Ignore this. I was confused.
By Anonymous
I found that sprinting at him right away and getting a fully charged sparking axe blow (fire damage) let me stun him for long enough to keep hitting him with it until his posture bar was completely full. After that, just spam L1 whenever the sword shimmers.
By Anonymous
It's better to wait for where he steps in for the Ashina Cross to time the flash effect to deflect, you want to have a little bit distance so you can give yourself a chance to time it. If you spam the deflect button he is more likely to hit you with the first strike and you'll perfect deflect the second but your health will get wittled down, opening you up for attacks when trying to heal. If he kicks you don't worry about your posture because if you perfect deflect the possible follow up Ashina Cross you won't fill out your gauge.
By Anonymous
Flaming Loaded Umbrella. It creates fire upon activation and spinning so yeah. As he attacks just pop umbrella, he will be stunned for a couple of seconds. If you don't have great reflexes, this can help immensely. Hope this helped someone ;)
By Anonymous
Resurrection mod turns this enemy from an elite into an elitist; thinking it's an infallible move, he'll start phase 2 spamming ichimonji for years lol
By Anonymous
initially tried to fight this boss with prosthetics, but didn't get the same results compared to well-timed deflecting with sugar. took a few tries to get the rhythm and rek'd him
By Anonymous
Wait this guy is supposed to be elite? Three deflect and a stab and he was out lmao
By Anonymous
pop a stealth sugar, run up behind him to get him to stand up, run away til his health bar disappears, go back and get a free backstab, use umbrella deflect when his sword shines and wail on him, repeat. Easiest miniboss in the game.
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