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By Anonymous
What does this dude say if you eavesdrop him? I killed him without hearing it because I came down the stairs and aggroed him.
By Anonymous
You killed him first try? Congrats, man! He said something About Fighting for the Honor of Isshin. Nothing too important.
By Anonymous
He said something along the lines of "I'm gonna borrow this Lord Isshin, don't get mad ok." Could've been talking about his sord? Not sure.
By Anonymous
His exact words are "... Lord Isshin, I will be borrowing this. Please watch over me... We, the Ashina clan, will win this battle..."
By Anonymous
this boss easy to cheese by using shadow rush skill
By Anonymous
He's pretty easy using the Flame Barrel. He has red eyes like an oger - so he fears flames. Use that against him and you can geht about 5 sure hits in. After that don't forget to block, otherwise it is almost instakill.
By Anonymous
His unsheathe attack goes through blocks and will still do about 80% of your health
By Anonymous
If you're having a hard time even with fire, you can lure a shinobi into the room before you start his fight. When he aggros they'll fight each other and he'll take some free damage
By Anonymous
***** this guy
By Anonymous
This guy is really easy, stop using flames and*****. You just deflect. Make sure you are always full hp. Go in to the hallway for an easier fight where you can run and heal. Lastly, use sugar and sneak up from behind, I'm pretty sure you can cheese him.
By Anonymous
Don't deflect his attacks because u still take damage anyway, just throw oil at him, bait his 2-hit-combo in and dodge backwards into flame barrel + Living Force skill and you're guaranteed at least 60% of his health bar.
By Anonymous
No damage if u time it perfectly. Unsheathe move is a piercing attack, functions like playing without kuro's charm
By Anonymous
Use umbrella prosthetic and projected force prosthetic art. Also you can do a stealth deathblow if you are coming from "upper tower ashina dojo" idol, first come down stairs then go under the stairs and break the wall, from there you can sneak up on him.
By Anonymous
Not true. Even with the sneaky sugar, he detects you.
By Anonymous
You just need to activate him, leave the room until he resets, then you will be able to stealth deathblow him once.
By Anonymous
Yes, you can sneak up on him; don't change building from ashina dojo idol go right then downstairs then take left (beside the stairs); break the wall and he is waiting after the corridor.
By Anonymous
Why tf is there monk pics on this page?
By Anonymous
The whole wiki is work-in-progress at this point. Monk picture is probably just a placeholder until someone get rounds to updating it.
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