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By Anonymous
As of patch 1.03, the Living Force buff with the Lazulite Sacred Flame now lasts for 20 seconds, does more damage and costs only 3 Spirit Emblems. AFAIK the buff duration for the other Flame Vent upgrades is still only ~7 seconds. This is a huge upgrade, it really makes this particular prosthetic upgrade very strong and worth using.
By Anonymous
You mean patch 1.04?
By Anonymous
Does the buff increase damage to anything other than apparitions? Still a handy buff for them though
By Anonymous
Yes the buff does increase damage against everything, not just apparitions. Before the patch it used to be weaker than regular fire, but now it's stronger.
By Anonymous
This may be obvious but this does not count as fire damage. It will not burn oil if you throw some before attacking with it. As others have said its cool and looks awesome on your sword with living force but limited usefulness
By Anonymous
I love lazulite sacred flame. I tested it on a soldier wearing a jingasa outside the dilapidated temple in new game plus. Okinagas with an r2 push did half his hp and lazulite did 75% of his hp so it does do more dmg
By Anonymous
Has no burn damage so less damage over all
By Anonymous
Before patch 1.03 this was an excessively redundant and useless upgrade. Living force buff did the same as divine confetti, the direct flame hit didn't even do worthwhile damage vs ghost bosses, and the living force buff only lasted for like two sword swings same as the fire versions. After 1.03 this is an incredibly strong tool and probably the best of the Lazulite upgrades for boss fights. Living force lasts longer, about? as long as a sugar without Devotion. And it *might* have better damage all around now, living force seems to bust ghost boss life bars by itself faster than confetti + Ako.
By Anonymous
i did some testing on a leftover Headless in my game. The Living force buff of the flame lasts for about 20 seconds compared to the confettis 60 seconds. They did about the same damage, however the confetti damage seemed to be SLIGHTLY higher (Maybe 10% difference). Now its debatable if the initial hit of the flame makes up for this lack in duration (and maybe dmg?), however it is a nice fallback if you enter a fight and use up all of your confetti.
By Anonymous
"a leftover Headless " In no other context would this make sense. God bless Sekiro
By Anonymous
The description says it cleanses the hatred in flames, does that mean it will be effective against demon of hatred?
By Anonymous
Yeah since the demon of hatred is an apparition type enemy.
By Anonymous
Does this tool increase in effectiveness when you use oil?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
No, it does not do "burn" status dmg
By Anonymous
Hey stupid question but is this effective against the demon of hatred considering the description?
By Anonymous
Yes, just tried and did tons of damage (no scientific calculations performed)
By Anonymous
Flame vent is what makes living force worth picking up. It's unfortunate that the lazulite upgrade for it doesn't actually set anything on fire though. Oil + flame sword absolutely decimates certain enemies, but I'd still say the extra duration and divine damage make up for it. My first lazulite tool and I did not regret it. Very useful when you've ran out of Divine Confetti and you can still switch to Okinaga's if you want to set something on fire.
By Anonymous
Forgot to say you probably shouldn't get this unless you either already have living force or are planning to get it. It's actually kinda bad without it cause it's just not efficient damage for the emblem cost. I think the axe is better for that sort of thing.
By alistairuwu
Disappointing without living force, god tier with living force. Good for a short term divine confetti in a situation where you need a quick buff for something like sichimin or a headless, or just for a little extra damage
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By MatinArtorias
This melts saint isshin with living force combined. When he does the jump spear slam just step to right and do this then living force