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By Anonymous
this thing is basicly permanent divine confetti + flame does damage to wraith creatures
By Anonymous
Unfortunately, by the time you get it you can already buy Confetti in infinite amounts, which kind of limits its usefulness. Fun though.
By Anonymous
Has anyone tried this on Demon of Hatred?
By Anonymous
I did just recently. It does a fair amount of damage, roughly doubling your dps with living force. However, it's just not efficient. at 3 seals each use, you'll still run out long before doing substantial damage. I found the umbrella, at only 1 seal per cast, was much more utilizable in that bossfight (to defend against his flame slam and big jump) in order to give more openings to deal damage rather than using the flame to deal more damage in fewer windows.
By Anonymous
Yes, it works very well, if you read the description it hints at that too
By Anonymous
If you use Living Force with this version of the Flame Barrel, your sword will be buffed with a very similar effect to Divine Confetti, giving you a large damage bonus against Apparition type enemies. The downside is that Living Force's buff doesn't last quite as long as Confetti, and by the time you can actually get this upgrade, you already have access to the best farming locations that make acquiring enough gold to buy as much Confetti as you would want very quick.
By Anonymous
Do you know if the living flame effect stacks with confetti?
By Anonymous
Sword buffs dont stack, proven by how using the umbrella hit removes confetti buff since it buffs your sword for one hit.
By Anonymous
Though this is hardly important considering how easy Sen is to grind, I'd like to point out that 1 Divine Confetti = 300 sen = 6 Spirit Emblems, which is two uses of Lazulite Sacred Flame. Furthermore, you can use the Ceremonial Tanto to get up to 15 free Emblems per use, costing merely a single Gourd each time. Saying that the Lazulite Flame is less cost-effective than Divine Confetti is technically false!
By Anonymous
Is this effective against Headless?
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By Anonymous
Their charged attack against the decapitated does much more damage than a normal attack with the sword + divine confetti, unfortunately does not stop the attacks of the beheaded so it is a risk to use it indiscriminately, and there are not so many spiritual emblems to descend all his bar of life, this I still do not put him to the test with the shichimen warriors
By Anonymous
You just cant say "Headless", can you?
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By DBGT_bh
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It's seems oil has no effect.
By Anonymous
How's the damage for non-apparition enemies? I want to use this since it looks nice.
By Anonymous
It does more damage than okinagas
By Anonymous
without oil
By Anonymous
The upgrade have several big problems-without living force this is just a damage with very slow startup,you will do the same amount of damage with 3 basic atks in same time,living force talent req pretty useless upgrades to grab means a lot of skill points wasted and when you finally get it you have around 5 sec buff,which not that bad on ng where apparations type anemies have almost no hp/posture,but of future ng+ and beyond where fights are way longer taking advantage of this is even harder.In terms of emblem use i rather use malcontent to get 3 stuns which often guarantees free deathblow on any ng+ with zero investments into skill points.