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By Anonymous
This art is locked behind the 'Shura' ending, gained when choosing to obey Owl and forsake Kuro.
By Anonymous
A beautiful, stylish art... that is almost unusable because of talisman costs and mediocre damage values.
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By Valhalen
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Pretty much all the Combat Arts are useless against bosses. A bit sad.
By Anonymous
Ichimonji Double is great against demon of hatred. Use it during its long openings (after fireball dance, for example) and you almost always get it staggered for more hits
By Thecioro
Dude, specific combat arts are perfect against some bosses... Lol
By Anonymous
Ichimonji and Ichimonji double are the only ones I've used against bosses. Then again a almost never use shinobi tools either
By Anonymous
Ichimonji Double is great, but a lot of people are sleeping on Senpou Kicks/High Monk, which does MASSIVE posture damage when used against sweeps, and Mortal Draw which still does large health chip damage to blocking bosses.
By Anonymous
I disagree that combat arts are useless against bosses. I use Ichimonji or Ichimonji Double against a lot of the major bosses, even including Ashina Castle Owl, Genichiro (especially Mortal Blade Genichiro), Saint Isshin, the Corrupted Monk fights, Demon of Hatred...probably more that I'm forgetting, not to mention all those sword/spear minibosses. Basically any boss you can force to block it, or where you can hit them after they miss or get deflected, it's often a good choice. In fact, against Saint Isshin, a single Ichimonji after sidestep is my "safe" move after baiting him into the jumping slam in phases 2 and 3, or I'll double it up against Owl after sidestepping his jumping downward slash. Floating Passage works great against all the Lone Shadow guys, including the minibosses. Even Whirlwind against the first phase of the dragon, it really helps speed that part up. There are others, too. Maybe Combat Arts are just not your style.
By Anonymous
A true shinobi uses whatever in his arsenal to achieve victory.
By Anonymous
Dragons flash is incredibly useful and one mind is useful on certain bosses since it's got dumb dps
By Anonymous
typical From soft game problem, when Sword Saint uses this move it empties my entire health bar but when I use it I can only tickle the enemy
By Anonymous
Sword Saint doesn't use this move though.
By Anonymous
He doesn't shura ending isshin does
By Anonymous
I’ve fought sword saint about 1000 times and it’s never used. So the only way to get it is by shura ending.
By Anonymous
Does this count towards the skills trophy and if yes how do i get it without doing Shura ending
By Anonymous
only skills you upgrade are counted
By Anonymous
Doesn't count towards "height of technique", but you still need to beat Shura ending at least once for the "Shura" trophy, if going for the platinum.
By Anonymous
You will not forget this devil's power
By Anonymous
Kenshin Himura in this *****.
By Orni
This skill shares its name with Isshin, whose name means One Mind (一心, Isshin).
By Anonymous
That's dope. Added to the notes.
By Anonymous
Isshin means "one heart", but it's still related.
By Anonymous
Actually 心 can be translated as both "mind" or "heart" (along with other meanings). Furthermore, both Isshin's name and One Mind are written as 一心 if you change the game to Japanese language.
By Anonymous
do i have to get it for the platinum trophy ?
By Anonymous
No, although you do need to beat Isshin at least once for the "Shura" ending trophy.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
This rips the guardian apes to shreds, but otherwise isn't really good anywhere else other than for the style factor.