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Every combat art I've used sucks, this one in particular is so bad. It says it prevents counter attacks but the recovery is so bad I get hit right after almost every time.



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it doesn't prevent counter attacks, but it does go through/prevent deflects. You use this as an opener, or when the enemy briefly pauses. It is fast, does decent poise damage, and costs nothing in spirit emblems. One of the best ones in the game next to double ichimonji. These are not like over-drives or super-powers which completely break the game in your favor, but an additional technique that helps deal damage/posture damage. So if you haven't learned the game basics(git gud) then these techniques aren't going to change anything for you.
Are you trying to play Dark Souls in Sekiro? I bet you are trying to smash through peoples guards n***** stop it.
Double ichimonji is fire. Learning how and when to use it has made several bosses that I was struggling with seem trivial.
your probably using the wrong combat arts
I dont know if im using this wrong because yeah its fast and recovers fast (I havent even been counter hit with it yet) but the amount of posture dmg I do is as low as doing one normal hit, I definetly think im using wrong
Not a single combat art is about damage,even full charged ichi will do less dps than light atks spam,its about diversity they offer,praying strikes have faster startup than basic light atk,less punishing on deflect too,figure out yourself the rest.
i encountered a glitch with this skill tree. the first skill praying strikes said it cost 0 skill points and had the dragon flash icon but i couldnt even purchase the skill (i had TWO skill points which it normally costs)