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Worse than Piercing Sabimaru since it loses its piercing ability in exchange for a poison cloud that is nearly worthless.


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Use it in fountainhead palace, it absolutely reks
you dont lose the previous upgrade so whats ur complaint about


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This is amazing in fountain head palace, it poisons anything in 1 hit and the cloud moves, poison destroys their posture too
Piercing has the same 1 it poison and posture breaking though.
This needs to be patched to get piercing because rn is a downgrade
as posters have stated, It works good in fountainhead palace.. but still, the piercing one is better against the general horde of guarding enemies you'll find earlier on in the game.. cloud is probably better against bosses like guardian ape though
As of patch 1.03, this is no longer the case. Both iterations of the Sabimaru will poison the Okami in one swing.
Idk what people talking about,lazulite version apply poison way faster than piercing and doesn't matter if enemy blocking or not,actually from all 3 lazulite upgrades only sabimaru worth it.
Lazulite applies poison faster but it doesn't pierce through defenses unlike its previous version ; people used piercing sabimaru for poison + vitality AND posture damage , lazulite is only worth it for the poison aspect.
Lmao,using sabimaru to deal health and posture damage?k
In my experience using this the poison mist does absolutely nothing.
It's good but depending on what is normally your load-out, especially if it includes the Axe, Shuriken and Flame Vent, you may want to reconsider having the Lazulite Sabimaru upgrade before the others. Depending on the enemy, the added Vitality damage of the Piercing Sabimaru is more effective to employ in battle.
I don't get it. For example: Flame axe is way better then any subimaru.. ***** poison. Burning is the real*****. And it doesn't need so much spirit emblem than the subimaru.. With the ace you deal way more dmg, you give burning effect and if it timed right: even the hardest normal enemies are down with one attack (and the follow attack of course, but this is for free) So I don't care about tg subimaru..
This tool needs sooo much emblems.. And like in the video said - it's only effective against 2 or 3 mini bosses and a few normal enemies. And all this enemies are weak against the axe too. So with the axe you need way less emblems an you even deal mor dmg. And if you time it right - like with the sabimaru you interrupt the enemies attacks and you deal way more dmg with the axe..so why I should use this tool?axe is the same but better. Fire does the same like poison. So I see only pro for axe and contra for sabimaru..