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It seems if you let it absorb purple damage you do more damage with its attack
"more damage with its attack"?? Did I miss something with the umbrella tools and they have some form of attack? I thought they were purely defensive. If they have a counterattack or something, please inform me, because I love these things.
There's a skill from the shinobi tree - projected force. It gives you an extra input on the umbrella and whistle.
Is this umbrella a straight upgrade to the magnet umbrella? I.e., is it capable of absorbing the same posture damage as the magnet umbrella (whose description says it is nearly unbreakable), while adding the protection against apparition type enemies on top of that? Should I be using this over the magnet version in all situations or is the magnet version better vs non-apparition type enemies? I tried them out against Hanbei and it seems they take the same posture damage on basic sword swings but every enemy in the game is different... Most upgrades to prosthetic tools seem cumulative, besides certain exceptions (loaded spear thrust type vs cleave type, shurikens vs phantom kunai, etc), but the fact that you are allowed to equip worse versions of your already upgraded prosthetic tools just makes this confusing.


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I have no way to confirm this right now, but when using the Magnet Umbrella, I don't remember expending Spirit Emblems when spinning the umbrella, however I noticed in a fight with this upgrade that I quickly ran out of Emblems by spinning it. It's possible that the Magnet upgrade is better against normal enemies by not costing additional emblems to reactivate against normal attacks, since this is done by a magnet mechanism in the umbrella, whereas the Lilac Umbrella may be spun through the same supernatural force that protects it from apparitions' attacks. My reasoning there is entirely theoretical, of course.
This beauty is the best thing ever to use against Apparitions. It's like Miyazaki's Sugar for cheesing those terrorists. Combined with the skill "Projected Force", it absolutely destroys them. The combo does Divine damage - LOTS of it - so u dont even need Confetti. It consumes just 1 Spirit Emblem per cast, and using the skill doesnt cost anything at all. Shimichen warrior giving u trouble? Put up your parasol and take a leisurely stroll thru ALL his attacks - physical, purple bullethell, UV rays and all. Once u get close, pop the skill and watch him get pulverized. Repeat until ded. Headless terrorizing your butt? Use this protection, walk up to him, circle until u get near his back, and grab HIS *** for a change. It can even do Posture Damage if you time it right like a Deflection. Just watch out for his prostrate massage - that one doesnt't get blocked, sadly. The only downside is that these things are tanky, and you may end up using all your Spirit Emblems.
Just now, a few minutes before this message, i fought the headless in the cave in the sunken valley. I ran out of confetti. Can't farm at this point in the game. I said screw it lets see if i can do it using only the shield. Pairing it with ceremonial tanto killed him on the first attempt lol.
It's a good idea to use your tanto blade before one of these fights to bank an extra 5 emblems.
This sheild is great, not only does it negate terror type attacks (Spoliers) it negates the black immortal blades charge swipe and isshins over head slashes, which counts as penetrating damage, have no effect over you expect for posture damage which is low new game. Amazing defensive tool.
It's still not available for me, I have the magnet umbrella and all the materials and sen, I don't know what prerequisites I'm missing
You need to have the Mountain Echo Finger upgrade.