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Has anyone tried the firecrackers next to him to see what happens?
He poops a little bit.
nothing happened.
As far as I remember : Before updating he had a very expensive item (3000 sen ?! at least much more expensive then the weaponpart), something about a Lady and her astral blades if I remember correctly. I grinded today, updated, went to the shop and its gone ? Anyone an Idea what it was ? The second most expensive thing is still there and is listed here as the most expensive, so I did not mistake it since I remember that as the 2nd most expensive thing there. DISAPPOINTMEEEENT.
No it was the broker by the idol who sells that item



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The item is the phantom kunai, which is lady butterfly's needle thing. It unlocks a mid-game shuriken upgrade where you throw her butterflies (it's okay, but costs 2 emblems, whereas gouging top only costs 1). I think this is what you're talking about.. actually, not sure which of the memorial mobs sells it. Think it's the second one but not sure.
The expensive item(the phantom kunai) is available from Anayama the peddler who is the very next npc you encounter
If you use the firecrackers as soon as you grapple up, on the crows, he will say something along the line of: "I told you cut it out."