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By PsidepheX
Concerning the item dexcription: Pretty certain the "mission" refers to the Carp Feeder's mission of keeping the carp fed, while the "desire" mentioned actually references the wishes of the 2 Pot Nobles to become the next Great Colored Carp. In killing the Great Colored Carp, you have ended the Carp Feeder's immortal mission and fulfilled one of the Pot Noble's deepest desires. Hope that clears things up for people.
By Anonymous
I think it could also be the desire of the feeder's daughter, which was for her father to be freed from his duty of feeding the carp
By Anonymous
If you feed only True precious bite to carp you can take one scale from the feeder and another three on his dead body after completion of sidequest
By Anonymous
Alternatively feed up to 2 precious bait to the carp to receive the 4 scales from the attendant before he dies.
By Anonymous
So random that they would put the Carp corpse at the Guardian Ape location. Was there any clue given that would make you think to look there?
By Anonymous
That's where the flower grew, in the place where the fountainhead waters pooled. So presumably there is a connection between the places.
By Anonymous
There are broken pieces of wood and buildings from the palace in that pond. I remember going there the first time and wondering why they were there. At the entrance to the palace you can see wood piling very close to the waterfall edge.
By Anonymous
I read a lore theory on Reddit, saying that the ruckus brought by the Great Colored Carp made the Rejuvanating Water slop out of the Fountainhead Palace into the ape's Watering Hole and the Sunken Valley. So as I see it, the corpse of the carp just got washed into the Watering Hole.
By Anonymous
Very indirectly; when first entering the Fountainhead Palace area past the Vermilion Bridge, one sees the waters falling down to Ashina from the lake where the Carp lives. Dead fish get washed downstream with the current, and the waters pool deeply in the Sunken Valley, which is the Guardian Ape's Watering Hole. You can see the relationship on the Antique Map.
By Anonymous
After I gave the Feeding Grounds attendant the Great White Whiskey he gave me a Divine Grass. Then I aggroed him, killing him giving me 4 scales. RIP.
By Anonymous
You can actually fast travel to anywhere and then back and his already dead and gives the same items
By Anonymous
he turned into a two-dot miniboss for me. Same moves as the chained up ogre.
By Anonymous
Can't you give the whisker to whichever merchant to make them become a larger fish?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
They don't comment.
By Anonymous
You go to the merchant that becomes the carp after killing the existing one with precious bait. Then, they ask you for more treasure scales to "become larger".
By Anonymous
I just randomly, without knowing, got the "Great Colored Carp" achievement after buying the Valley Apparitions Memo from the merchant in the Dilapidated Temple, which told of there being some apparitions at the Guardian Ape's den. I went there wanting to fight some ghosts, not expecting to find the Great White Whiskers lmao.
By Anonymous
Literally the exact same thing happened to me. I came to this sub hoping to find some sort of connection. Lol
By Anonymous
There is no connection. The memo you bought was telling you about a Shichimen Warrior in the Guardian Ape's den that appears there after you kill the Guardian Ape there. The Great Colored Carp also happens to show up there later on and is unrelated to the memo.
By SemiSeriousSam
God dammit I completely forgot about these and didn't get the achievement
By Anonymous
Thus, shoelaces were invented
By Anonymous
Why tho, crap reward, no use other then a achievement?
By Anonymous
You need it to complete a questline and gain items.
By Anonymous
damn...I gave the guy this thing and then straight up murdered him for no reason.