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If you give Emma the Monkey Booze she will tell you how a monkey shared a rice ball with her on the battle field, and if you give the Sculptor Dragonspring sake he will tell you that he found her on the battlefild and gave her a rice ball.
Emma also mentions that the Sculptor used to go by the nickname of "Orangutan". The Sculptor himself will add (when you give him monkey booze) that he used to train with his partner in the sunken valley and how after a time they would move exactly like monkeys (his partner would go on to become a restless spirit - a Shichimen Warrior you can fight in the guardian ape's burrow and obtain his ring). It is pretty established that this was the sculptor's favoured prosthetic in his shinobi days. Love the lore in this game - you can actually make sense of it unlike much of what goes on in Dark Souls.