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Is this infinite uses? I used it in front of Kuro to trigger the Dialog and still had it in my inventory. Have not used it since then.
No he just gives you two and it probably moved the second one in your inventory when you rested
Used it in front of kuro when received, it triggers dialog. Once you rest, it comes back. You can use it a second time but after that it's over. It's probably a "freeby" the first time for the dialog.
no, you get two after you give him the rice
Kuro gave me 2, even though I have not yet gathered all the divine ingredients. I'm not sure whether the first "1x" part of this page is wrong, or the requirements for receiving the second ball are wrong.
Two different riceball versions. The text on this page comes from the version he gives you after making the incense. At that point in the story he gives 1 rice ball regardless of any other interactions as far as I am aware. The other version he gives you in return for giving him the rice from the Divine Child (key item, not to be confused with the normal consummable rice). When that happens, he gives you two. He also has dialog if you eat one of those two riceballs in front of him (NOT required for continuing the Divine Child's questline).
you get two after you give him the rice even without having gathered the ingredients
Why is there a limit on how many items you can hold in your inventory??????????????????
So you can't just turtle and spam Pellets ad infinitum on bosses.
There are two variants of this item. The one described above and then the one made from Kuro's rice. "Sweet, sticky rice ball made by Kuro using rice from the Child of Rejuvenation. Slowly grants medium Vitality recover and constant Posture recovery over time. Once when the Wolf was starving his father wordlessly handed him a rice ball. It was astoundingly delicious. This one is sure to taste just as good."
Dont get fooled by the "medium Vitality Recovery" text on description. This consumable is the most overpowered***** ever made. it heals you to full with 10 beads(with shinobi healing passives) on top of that there is no way you get posture broken with this. Very effective against the bossfights near the end that troubles you.
How long does it last though
(S for Sekiro, K for Kuro.) When eaten in front of Kuro after receiving 2x- S: This is... very good... K: That it is, that it is. When talking to Kuro immediately after- K: How was the rice ball? S: It was delicious. K: I bet it was. Ever since I was little, I've enjoyed making sweets. I used to always sneak into the kitchen back at the Hirata estate. Maybe one day... I'll open up a tea house if I ever have the time. ALL IN ALL, NOT WORTH TO WASTE AN OP EZ MODE ITEM ON 3 LINES ABOUT OPENING A TEA SHOP Nowhere said the actual dialog that was associated with the item, hope this helps.
I didn't know replies didn't use [enter] spaces. I woulda put quotation marks and spaced the dialogue out if I knew, sorry. >.<
who cares lol