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Use vault over when you break the other samurai’s posture to do puppeteer ninjitsu on him. Makes the fight much easier.
Better yet, use a Gachiin sugar to stealth in and backstab the other samuri first, then puppet him. FYI you can backstab your puppet at any time and puppet them again to extend the duration, two or three total uses should last the entire fight.
this isn't a boss, who added this to the bosses list when he doesn't drop a memory???
Because it is a named mini boss
Bosses drop memories, mini bosses drop beads. He is right, Seven Spears guy should not be in the boss category. There's the mini-boss category for that.
i just walked to brach on left and they fell off map
same, but got no rewards and he respawned upon resting
you can use gachiin's sugar and use pupeteer on sword guy, doesnt work on lance one.
There’s a grunt to the left of the stairs going down to the fight, let them detect you wait 2 seconds then kill and backstab the grunt, use the bloodsmoke then backstab the sword dude
just go to the branch to the left as soon as you can and the general will run toward you and fall off, also gives you spirit emblems for the rest of the fight
Dont need gachiin just hug the left side


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Gachiin sugar to backstab the sword guy, sprint to the branch and hook over to the other side, run until the health bar disappears, meaning he miniboss has stopped combat. Tadah, you can now start with a backstab by going back to the branch. Although, be warned, he can be extremely slow at getting back in position.
I actualy did most of this fight while on the branch. The sword guy eventualy will manage to hop on the branch and you can pull him quite easyly into the abysss. Sometimes he will even fall by himself. Now, once he has fallen, jump back to solid ground and imediataly run to the enemy sitting next the stairs and use pupeteer ninjutsu on him. Make sure you have either the firecracker or the axe so you can back the puppet as both of you team up to make the first deathblow happen. Once the puppet dies, go back to the branch and make sure to keep the distance of the strong spear atacks, since they are going to kill you if you fall into the abyss. Once he uses one of his strong atacks, you can counter with the running claymore move and imediatly dash back with circle. Repeat and eventualy his vitality will depleat.
Isn't that a waste? You can sneak up, bloodsmoke the first one, backstab Seven Spears, then you just have to survive one round.