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Anyone know how to get here?


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Follow the main story
Once collecting all the items required by Kuro, head back to the Wedding Cave Door Idol. The rest should be pretty cut and dry.
The Sakura Bull also gives a Prayer Bead and A skill that gives you one extra Spirit Emblem.
Hey anyone know how to get there again? After arriving I used the homeward idol to go back and spend my points. I didn't activate the fountainhead idol, am I stuck? I went back to the hut you pray in, but it's smashed to pieces.
If so i think you must have gotten the sculptors idol automatically because you can't return otherwise.


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you can still interact with it
Can you get in there after betraying Kuro? (probably not, if so has somebody done a backup?)
***** these flute maidens of irityhll dungeon.
Omg yes
Feeding giant carp it looks like you only can give him 2 precious bait for the 4 scales. Fed him one, spoke to NPC, he gave me one scale. Fed again, NPC gave me 3 scales. Fed for third time and he told me to ***** off and gave me a lecture on moderation
wtf, i cant get there with shura ending?!
What do you think, you Demon? You think you can slay everyone and still enter the most sacred of places? Fool.
you fool, you cannot enter a holy place such as this. heres a tip: GIT GUD BRUH
Don't know why it says you can't get the drop on the Shichimen Warrior by the waterfall. You absolutely can. Climb up the rocks to the left (where a wolf is waiting) and jump from there. The timing is just a little more precise.
btw, enfeeble makes you old as *****, takes away your revive powers, and takes you to like 10% hp. so yeah.