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Stuns the big spooky fire boss at the end.
Since it is Sculptor, who became Hatred Demon, you can use it to trigger his memory(like music box in Bloodborne), he talked about his partner shinobi, who used this whistle, when i gave him sake.
> Since it is Sculptor, who became Hatred Demon Thanks for an irrelevant spoiler, *****.
The spoiler WAS pretty irrelevant, but if you have been paying attention to the Sculptors dialogue AT ALL, and knew about the Demon of Hatred boss (which is a spoiler itself, if you're being picky) then it is insanely obvious that its him.
using this will stun the Headless for about 2-3 seconds. during this time they still flail around a bit with another sword swing so watch out. there is a visual cue of a golden ring around the Headless' stump to show you that the effect is still active. requires testing on O'Rin, the Corrupted Monk, and the Shichimen Warrior to see if it is also effective.
Does not work on corrupted monk apparition
O'Rin appears to be immune. Blew the whistle several times
definitely works with O'rin. make sure you have the right whistle and you're not doing it while she's mid attack, it usually won't cancel her combos
Can you stack snapseed and this or are they linked in the same stun pool?
i did not test this but i did find that Headless becomes immune to the effect after 3 stuns. on the 3rd and final stun he will sneak in a quick strike at the end of it.
Works on O'rin
Works great on Demon of Hatred. See in recent video I posted on Youtube. Sekiro - Malcontent whistle skill - When to use on Demon on Hatred. O'rin is best killed with ako confetti and Shadowrush or shadow fall and deflects. Monk is best killed with confetti Butterly tool and waiting for attack to end and coming in with running slash and 1 more regular slash, followed by turn around run. The warriors is easily killed with buffs and few early slashes and switching to umbrella after he teleports. The only boss that is really good to use this tool on is Hatred. Use the last umbrella until 3rd form and then use whatever skill points you have left minus 2 (for umbrella) to get some extra damage.
Does it stun or enrage the guardian/headless ape ?
Use these fingers on the group of 20 or so monkeys in sunken valley, its pretty fun to watch.
So when you give the Sculptor Monkey Booze, he talks about his training in the Sunken Valley with another shinobi. He tells you that they carried a certain ring—and that when “he” blew through it, the valley was filled with a somber melody. So either there was a mistranslation, or the writers goofed up, or perhaps the “she” described in the Kingfisher description refers to the ring itself and not the owner… Or perhaps the ring was an invention of a certain woman (perhaps an Ōkami tribeswoman), and the Sculptor’s partner somehow came into possession of it?
I'm pretty sure it's just a goof on the voice line because the subtitle says "she" even though the English voice line says "he".
This plus Living Force is a game changer. Use the charge attack then immediately do a light attack. You throw the delayed whistle in whichever direction Sekiro is facing. Aim it with the monocular if you want precision. I like throwing it behind enemies in front of me. I hide somewhere, check the delayed echo behind them, then sprint over for the backstab when they turn around.