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This can be quite useful for dealing high posture damage to certain mobs like the Rifle/Cannon guys when they're about to shoot. Can be also useful when dodged behind an enemy's back. Looks pretty cool too and feels much better to use than some other combat arts.
Easily one of the best Arts in the entire game and unlike most endgame arts it doesn't use white emblems (seriously, From, don't be silly and patch that idiocy out, there's barely enough talismans to use tools let alone Arts). Deals excellent posture damage, startup animation has i-frames, last hit seems to break hyperarmor.
Not sure why the dislikes. Would have been great if they had the sense to actually express why they disagreed. Personally, the art is awesome.
cant see anything benificial from this skill, first attack is too situational and usually u'll get staggered performing it. better get passives from this tree. ichimonji double and other "free" skills are alot more useful. imo ofc If u really wanna spend exp on this first watch this on youtube at least, then make ur decision. i regret my choice. Regular anti air grab skill is more fast and usefull if u need anti air attack.
The art is awesome for bosses. For standards, though, it's best to go with Ichimonji double. Find an opening and you trivialize the harder enemies.
if you use this to punish sweep attacks, the first kick does a ton of posture damage and you get some follow up hits as well
Good art. As said, doesn't consume emblems. First leap allows you to potentially dodge attacks. On enemies that attack relatively fast, the last kick might be difficult to pull. Also it's pretty much the leap kick combo the purple ninjas often do. So you can give them a taste of their own medicine.
How good it is against bosses?
How Effectivie it is aganist bosses?
Against the human-like bosses with sweep attacks: very. The first hit has I-frames and is way easier to perform than the jump evade and kick. It's the highest posture damaging move in the game if you use it against a sweeping attack (about half posture taken just from the first hit against Isshin). Also has some amazing stunning power, capable of stopping the chargeup of some nasty big attacks like Genichiro Mortal Blade slash.
Same anon that replied before here, forgot to add that in addition to breaking enemies hyper-armor and stopping their attacks mid-flurry, it has a fair bit of hyper armor aswell. So if the enemy starts doing their rapid slashing and you used it, you facetank the first hit, stop their combo and keep attacking. Thought I'd add that, for whatever it's worth.
My favorite combat art, I've been experimenting with this move on the final boss. Posture damage seems decent when using this attack head-on, it's not as good as a double ichimonji. The exception is when using this to punish perilous attacks. The heavy posture damage seems to come when you connect the kick as you land on the ground and hit the backside of the enemy, the combo can be continued and sometimes you can follow up with one or two normal R1. Maybe only hitting the backside is sufficient for heavy posture damage, but so far I have only used this to punish perilous attacks. Fairly safe move if you catch enemies outside an attack animation. Even if you use this move when being attacked (especially regular attacks) you get hyper-armor and you can finish the combo. Special attacks (like enemy combat arts) still knock you down. I think the startup (the jump) even has some i-frames. Also the no emblem cost is amazing. If the enemy is being generous you can sometimes chain a few of these without taking a single hit, basically stunlocking the enemy. It seems this attack can dodge quite a few attacks, so far I have managed to dodge (final boss battle): - various thrust attacks (heavy posture damage + punish) - sweeping attacks (heavy posture damage + punish) - grab attack (heavy posture damage + punish) *seems that pretty much all type of perilous attacks (with the red kanji) can be dodged - the combat art move (with the black flames) from a frontal position - various normal attacks (hard to read these, mostly seem like lucky dodges) Need to test this move more but it seems it has some potential (especially human/small enemies), definitely a fun move.
That art punishes the lone shadows so hard. You use it whenever they attempt a sweep and you answer with a vertical kick on their vulnerable face for a large amount of posture damage and some more aggression.
Can someone confirm HOW to use this attack? No matter what I do I can only use the initial kicks
1. This may seem obvious, but if it's your first "upgraded" art, it may not. Make sure you actually equip High Monk. It counts as a separate art from Senpou Leaping Kicks that you have to equip in order to use the upgraded version. If SLK is still your equipped art, you'll always stop after the initial kicks. 2. Once it's equipped, just keep mashing R1/RB after the initial L1+R1/LB+RB.
Can someone confirm High Monk also does Lightning Reversal automatically?
It doesn't it does give you a bigger room to counter sweeps because you can get hit by lightning from the first few frames all the way to the apex of the initial jump.