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By Anonymous
how long does the buff last?
By Anonymous
i thought i could escape RoB by playing a different game :(
By Anonymous
corpse piler but it's a buff
By Anonymous
I hate you
By Anonymous
So despite the text, you can't get this by killing the Corrupted Monk, and only by killing the Corrupted Monke?
By Anonymous
I’m sure everyone understood what the writer meant, but this:

“Each red swing deals 0.5x (0.38x through block) health and 0.5x posture damage.”

That’s not correct. What you actually mean is “1.5x”, “1.38x” and “1.5x” respectively

(because maths)
By Anonymous
i assumed they meant the red portion of the attack does an additional .5x, which means if both the red hitbox and sword hitbox connect the TOTAL damage will be 1.5x. can anyone confirm how it works? is the red part considered a separate hitbox with additional damage?
By Anonymous
Add this to Floating Passage combat art

By UnMancoCualquiera
I have a problem. In my first playthrough, I defeat the headless ape, but I did not sever his immortality. I get the Bestowal Ninjitsu anyway. The thing is: the achievement "All ninjutsu techniques" do not appear to be granted. I now defeated it the second time, this time I use the mortal blade, but the achievement does not unlock (but I finally the achievement: Guardian Ape Inmortallity Severed), and I have all the three ninjutsu techniques...

What can I do to unlock de achievement?
By Anonymous
i love the fact that elden ring has the rivers of blood, such an amazing little homage to Sekiro
By Anonymous
i love the fact that Sekiro has the Bestowal Ninjutsu, such an amazing little homage to Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower
By Anonymous
is it just me doing something wrong or does this just not last long at all? i used it on the archer outside of owl father's boss room and the thing disappears after a few hits once i start the fight