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By Anonymous
The puppet lasts 45 seconds.
By Anonymous
Undead Rapport
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By Anonymous
If you wanna have some fun with this, go to the Water Mill Sculptor Idol, keep going forward until you get to the High priests house then use the Ninjutsu on the Bell Ogre and just watch him obliterate the villagers.
By gunsogiroro
Here is a piece of info that needs posted up above. Your puppets that were just prior alive and immune to terror can now be killed by terror just as quick as you. They take on every lethal, crippling or otherwise debilitating vulnerability Sekiro has.
By Anonymous
This wiki is missing relevant info, like how long it lasts, or how if you puppeteer two enemies sometimes they will attack each other making the jutsu totally useless.
By Anonymous
How long does the puppet last or is it until it loses all its health from dmg or posture buildup?
By Anonymous
Until one of two conditions are met 1.the puppets health hits 0 2.the possession timer runs out What ever on of the two comes first
By Anonymous
but how long is the possession timer?
By Anonymous
The timer is 45 seconds.
By Anonymous
You can puppeteer minibosses (at least confirmed on Drunken Juzou clones if you jump over them when they are on their last deathblow.
By Anonymous
I've tried and confirmed this works with most and you dont have to backstab from stealth you can get the vault over skill (which I think is the primary reason behind it)
By Anonymous
I love using this and just making enemies fight. Ashina reservoir sumo fighting club!