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How many puppets can you have
I was looking for the answer myself so I didn't have to waste anything but I just tried and I could make 4, using all my emblems tho, so I'm sure you can make more
As far as i know i been able to get 2 at once before the first one dies off
Any other enemies that have secret events tied to this aside from the kite rat?
There's the monkey you can puppet to get the 2nd snake to move.
There are bosses that can be made easier by puppeting enemies in the room, such as Lone Shadow Vilehand (who is definitely not alone).
"Make the monkey dance"
Mini boss can be puppetted too, wow
an important note, and possibly a bug, but stealth killing your puppet resets them to full health not just the timer. Though the "timer" might very well be depleting health? either way it trivialized a certain mini boss fight
Intended to be this way, hence the cost of the spirit emblems again.
There are two known secret interactions with puppeted enemies: The rat outside of Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo. Who will operate the kite allowing you to grapple it over to the snake The Monkey in Bodhisattva Valley. He is located to the left of giant white serpent. He will distract the snake allowing you to get to the shack he is guarding
i equip my ninjutsu but it doesnt work
They can only be activated after a backstab and it doesn’t work on bosses/mini bosses



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When the glowing dot appears in the enemy's chest, you need to press attack once more to activate the effect, otherwise is just a normal stealth kill.
I used this on an enemy to help me with a mini-boss and he didn't do anything except follow me around. Surely this is a bug right?
they seem programmed not to enter certain areas.
You can actually extend a "Puppets" life by deathblowing it again, which also heals you thanks to certain latent skills AND resets your "Puppets" Health and Posture. It trivialized some fights like Vilehand, Spear Bearer Masanaga and the Second Chained Ogre. Also, Cannibalism...