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You get this Boss if you choose to betray the divine Heir and help the Owl
You not betray any one,you follow the code,actually the ones who refuse owls order are traitors,even in modern world army you will be caged for not completing the orders in war time.
True, but Owl I not giving you just any war order, he’s telling you to betray your master for his own selfish gain
No you betray kuro. He entrusted you with both his life and his dream. Siding with owl already fangs his dream, his life as well potentially. Sometimes just following orderS is not the right way to do things
Lol at first reply, american soldiers are supposed to disobey unlawful orders.
this is so much harder than the owl fight, not even funny
It really is much harder. But why is it not funny?
Isshin the Sword Saint was insanely hard. But i got it like 40 mins ago. Felt SO GOOD to kill him.
but in return u avoid Sword Saint, which is harder than both combined
Well, he IS the final boss. Also youll be happy to know that there is an even harder version of the Owl hiding away in the Purification ending, you might just change your mind on who is harder, have fun with that :D
I agree. I found this much harder than both owl fights, sword saint, and demon of hatred.
aww do you have to do betray Kuro questline to acquire One Mind? That skill reminded me of Vergil's swordplay
*proceeds to double-ichimonji him*
Tell me whatever you want,phase 2 isshin hardest boss in the game On any ng Sword saint,demon and owl are joke compared to him.
So you are saying Isshin Ashina is even harder than Isshin the Sword Saint? Gotta try it on next playthrough.
i can see where u are coming from but if u kept the pressure and guarded/deflected its not as hard as isshin sword saint as sword saint's move set is *****ing brutal with the spear but the easier part of sword saint is that its an open field and he has the lightning strike so you can stun him and get free dmg but all in all i think hes the 3rd hardest after sword saint and father. (played against isshin on ng+ and sword saint 1st playthrough)
the hardest part of this fight is watching Emma deathblow animation over and over to get to it
Oh it's even better if you brake her guard with just swings,she just sits down on her knees and jut looks at the floor...and then that..death blow...yea we all know what we was getting into with tending...ndin
Seriously tho, this boss may not be as hard as Sword Saint but damn is he stylish.
Hardest boss in the game by far. I'd rather fight Sword Saint version than phase 2 of this fight.
you think this is hard? have you done the purification ending and fight Owl a second time? :P Isshins got nothin on that guy.
Owl Father is way easier then Isshin Ashina (bigger arena and higher roof) 98% of the time i get *****ed by a *****ing corner or the roof while this old piece of***** one shoots me with his fire attack 10/10 this is the reason i like bloodborne and Dark souls ALOT more then this sorry excuse of a game with trash hyperarmor final bosses
Guy on top of this reply, git gud you crybaby.
Ok..so use the dagger to get plus 5 uses,throw oil on emma(not the sexy kind) give her a quick basic blast from your flame thrower and if you have living weapon you set her on fire only after two swings letting you get her to half health no prob..then beat phase 1 if isshin with just sword play...and then dragon slash his 2nd phase into the floor..give him a taste of his own medicine!!!