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Careful with this one, it's missable. If you poison the great carp, it's carapace replaces the warrior permanently.
what do you mean? I poisoned the great carp and then did this he still appeared but he appeared in the place where you fight the guardian ape a second time
Nope- it doesn't spawn in that arena (or at least it didn't for me). It spawned in the cave after the poison pool. I thought I had the carp blocking it too, but there are a few extra steps and it's not in the watering hole.
It’s in the second area you fight the ape. The statue location is named “Guardian Ape’s Burrow” in Ashina Depths
Actually,if you do the 2nd headless ape boss fight,the one to where he summons his mate,this shaman will spawn there in stead if the pools.
I killed the carp first and he was there
Did not appear in the burrow after severing the monkey (in the burrow)
Purchase the apparitions memo from the merchant in the delapidated temple
To get Fijuoka the info broker to sell the Valley Apparitions Memo you need to kill the headless ape it is near the poison pool idol in the area after you fight the mini boss there.
is the Schichimen Warrior actually the restless spirit of Kingfisher
You have to buy the Valley Apparitions memo from Fujioka after severing the immortality of the headless ape for the warrior to spawn.
Well, I didn’t buy it yet the warrior spawn. Strange
I didn't buy the memo from Fujioka before I fought the Shichimen Warrior. I was travelling back to get a prayer bead I had forgotten and the headless apes idol was greyed out and when I went to see why, the fight began.
You don't need to purchase Valley Apparitions Memo for the Shichimen Warrior to appear. I think he just appears once you've defeated Headless Ape and warp away.
Completing Mibu Village isn't necessarry for Shichimen Warrior's spawn. I have killed the Headless Ape and after that, went to Hidden Forest and killed the Drunkard boss then come back to Guardian Ape's Burrow and Shichimen Warrior was there.
so did kingfisher's spirit become a shichimen warrior or what?