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How can I get him to spawn?
End of game. After Kuro leaves his room.
Obtain the dragon tears from the divine realm, then go through Ashina Outskirts backwards
Use sabimaru on him he will catch poison easily.
If you mind control the warrior with a flame cannon on the stairs behind the gates which the boss is guarding you can make the fight easier since that cannon melts his posture.
His weakness is on his back. Try stay behind and attack his back. Stay away and run around when he swing sword. Just normal strikes with normal blade is enough to kill him.
He can be cheesed by getting his attention then running to the building behind where he spawns. He cannot enter the door and you can wait for him to swing, dash in for two hits, then back out and wait for him to swing again. I would recommend killing all other enemies first though.
The only issue with this guy is that you have to kill all the mobs around him. The bosses are hard and fun to fight, but having to meticulously murder all the mobs around homeboy only to get killed 20 seconds into the boss fight doesn't make bosses like these very fun to fight. They are just tedious. The fight itself is great, but getting from the bonfire to the boss is a pain.
"Masanaga will be alerted to your presence (regardless of stealth) upon first entering his area, but running away and coming back will allow you to perform a deathblow." that one is wrong, you can climb up on the side of the temple with a Gachiin active without alerting him.
Watching for when he takes or drink, you can get 2-3 hits in, and then when he lights his sword you can get 1-2 hits in. He seemed to stop doing that once I got him down to around 1/5 or 1/6 of his health left then he would only attack. Watch his moves and you can run in for a hit when he does a bash into a downward swing. Then when he does a single downward slash you can bait him into doing a second quickly after by moving in closer and moving away to avoid it, then run in for an attack. You could also parry several of his hits to take him down at this point but be careful because he does lots of posture damage even if you parry and can easily break your guard and kill you pretty quickly.
When he takes a drink*. Note that this fight is much easier if you kill all the surrounding mobs as well as perform a stealth blow on him before starting the fight.
Also can be helpful to use the loaded spear. It takes two separate pulls to get his armour off completely, but each time will stagger him for an easy 2-3 hits. Once removed, he takes more damage, making this fight a cakewalk.