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Does anyone know where to get the malcontent's ring
Go back to where you fought the gorilla guardian for the second time. Kill the Caster warrior guy
Return to the area where you fought guardian ape for the second time.
past the poison pool area (after the fight with snake eye) there is a second arena for a refight against the headless guardian ape (goes without saying you must beat the first fight), after beating that fight return and rest at the poison pool area and head back into that arena, a Shichimen Warrior will be there to fight, he drops the ring (hope this helps as a more indepth answer to your question)
That's...pretty gross.
The malcontent ring belonged to the Sculptors partner not the finger.
The Slender Finger belonged to Kingfisher (it's described as "the slender finger of a young woman,"). She used the holes in her own finger and the Malcontent's Ring in order to create her specific "song"
Yes but the woman who owned the finger is not kingfisher, the ring was his. Sculptor specifically says his partner was a male.
Well i didnt read the description for malcontent tool. I am wrong, but the scultor also lies to us so theres that inconsistancy
ah very nice, its like Assassins Creed again
Judging from the various dialogues with the Sculptor, and text from the Malcontent's Ring picked up by killing the Shimisen Warrior in the Headless Ape (Round 2) arena, the Sculptor's partner, "Kingfisher", owned a ring before she died. There's two ways to read the lore after that; either Kingfisher had a prosthetic arm/used a prosthetic finger tool in place of a real finger to whistle, or the Sculptor cut off her finger after she died and drilled the holes himself to replicate her whistling that he used to listen to while drinking sake.
Anyone else notice the whistle going off when you are towards the top of Ashina castle during early/mid game? I noticed it when overlooking the water area that has a Headless. It was happening infrequently but eventually stopped all together. If it is the same sound as the finger whistle then maybe we weren't so far behind Kingfisher.
That is Kuro using your reed whistle (the one that you used to call for him back at the Ashina reservoir) so that you can find him he mentions this to Emma in a remnant close to the Ashina Castle sculptor Idol.
Pretty sure the whistling is actually the Nightjars alerting each other of your presence when you're spotted.
Yeah, I forgot all about that remnant until coming across it in another playthrough. I was hoping that it was a sign that we were just a step behind Kingfisher before her encounter with the Guardian Ape.
It's heavily implied that Kingfisher died before the events of the game
Has anyone tried this against Lone Shadow in Hirata Estate during Owl Memory? Who do I need to lock on to to make the dogs attack enemies...the dogs or the person you want attacked?
Don't need to be locked on using it will confuse the dogs temporarily. But honestly it's easier to just stop him from calling them in the first place. Use shuriken to kill them if he does summon them as well as stop him from calling the if you can't close distance fast enough.


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It's important to note that upgrading this to Malcontent will enable you to use it against Demon of Hatred. However, it will only have an effect a maximum of three times per encounter; so save it for when you get to the later stages of the fight.
No new tool appears on Sekiro's arm when this is equipped. Does he use his actual (prosthetic) fingers to whistle?
One of his fingers is a different color, I suppose that's the whistle