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hello Tengu!
In one of my playthroughs I talked to Emma at the end of the game and asked about what Isshin said last and I was given the Mushin Arts because I never completed the Tengu questline. On a playthrough right after that one at the same location I asked and she said something about how I wasn't ready and to "master all the esoteric texts" or something to that effect. I started another game, and I have no idea what I did to make that trigger. Any ideas?
you have to master the ashina arts before you can get it, i.e learn the last skill
Me: "That bald head, that distinct voice... It can't be!" Isshin: "yup it's me tengu"
wait, was it him?
He sounds like whitebeard of one piece
I've mastered and unlocked every skill and Emma still says I haven't mastered all skills to get the item isshin left for me...
a true badass, clashing swords with him would be an honor
You probably already figured out, but you actually have to in all endings
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In Dragonspring Sake Dialogue he mention 4 bosses in the game: fools with cross-spear is Gyoubu, fools using illusion techniques is lady butt, fools tinkering with half-finished prosthetics is the Sculptor (later become Demon of hatred), and the Owl.
Lady butt, teehee.
Is it the sculptor or is it Dogen, Emma's dad?
you are right, it is Dogen. Because all the others is a boss so I assume it's the sculptor earlier. Dragonspring Sake Dialogue of the Sculptor talk about Dogen not Isshin and only Dogen can "demanding" Isshin's sake. The term "tinkering with half-finished prosthetics, sake cup in hand" really confuse me. Is he have a prosthetics hand holding sake cup OR he's fixing the prosthetics hand and holding sake cup in his hand?
Dogen might've tried testing the prosthetic by attempting to grip the cup with the manufactured hand, though the vagueness of the term doesn't help prove my theory so it could mean anything at this point. All we know is that Dogen was working on his prosthetic with a sake cup in his possession, but we don't know what hand he was really using: his actual hand or the prosthetic.