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By Anonymous
Attack while he breathes, rest when he doesn't.
By Anonymous
"lone" my *** this guy's got more dogs than I have friends
By Anonymous
For people having trouble with his dogs..just throw a shuriken at him every times he begins to whistle and he will be interrupted. Makes this fight an absolute cakewalk
By Anonymous
Overrated difficulty tbh, not even trying to flex. People just get so hyper focused on the dogs they miss the point of the fight, don’t let him use the dogs. Stay aggressive and watch his tells for whistling for the dogs, you can actually get hits in and interrupt the summon so the whistle works to your advantage. Don’t hesitate, stay on top of him. If the dogs come take a second to breath and get rid of them and get right back on his ***
By Anonymous
I agree, interrupting his whistle makes this fight a breeze
By Anonymous
lots of ganks for a guy called "lone shadow"
By Anonymous
I was following a progression checklist and for some reason this guy hasn't spawned in my new game or the following new game+. I'm not sure what's up with that.
By Anonymous
You can stealth deathblow the one in Great serpent shrine, also use axe.
By Anonymous
I've found the best method is just to stay on him and stay hyper aggressive. You can interrupt the whistle, and if you stay consistent, he will never be able to call the wolves. Much easier than using any tools for gimmicks. You just have to learn the tells for the thrust vs the sweep attack and take advantage of them for more posture damage and he goes down fairly easily.
By Anonymous
This, many bosses are actually meant to be played aggressively but people like to sit back. This guy y specifically is meant to not be given a second to breath
By Anonymous
CHEESE: Hirata Estate (Owl Memory) lure him to the bridge (kill enemies here first), lose aggro. wait a bit and backstab him when he walks back. lure him again tot he bridge and keep facing the bridge and spam normal attack. He only defends and doesn't attack. He doesn't get damage but posture goes up slowly, keep at it and BAM deathblow!
By Anonymous
this is just the worst enemy in sekiro or even all soulsborne games.. I've defeated sword saint isshin, demon of hatred, inner isshin, inner genchiro and even inner father, yet cannot defeat this total POS miniboss in default new game!! I always skip him everytime because it's not even worth trying to get the two prayer beads.
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