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Is Shadowrush good?
In my opinion it's the best combat arts skill in the game.
This skill is amazing it makes many mini bosses easy, i recommend you choose it first instead of the ashina one, even though it costs 6 skill points.
Error on this page. Shadowrush is a shinobi skill not ashina
I like high monk better, but this is super good to traverse the environment because you can use it to charge midair
How would you use Shadowrush to traverse the environment? Genuinely curious, as A) it costs spirit emblems, B) jumping/grappling hook get you much further.
Only the jump part costs emblems, and hook points aren't everywhere
Just got this - seems incredibly useful against certain mini bosses. Wish I opted to get it sooner! It also only takes spirit emblems if you land the strike which is nice.
Probably one of a few Combat Arts using talismans that absolutely deserves its cost.
This is super useful for most fights ive come across. I recommend getting double ich as well incase you end up spamming shadowrush until you're out of talismans. Without talismans, this move is still pretty good imo, so thats up to you. I have a good time with both this and the double ich.
It's worth noting that the jump part of this move acts in the same way as if you've jumped over an unblockable sweep and did the counter. You get the same posture damage on the enemy and possible stun for another attack. It also has a very large range, way out of most enemies' reach, and I belive it cannot be deflected so that you always have access to the jump. Definitely one of the better Combat Arts.
Only problem is it costs emblems.
I wonder if you can equip another Combat Art after the jump part of Shadowrush and do a mid-air Double Ichimonji for massive damage?


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Owl was the one who created this technique.