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The Sculptor says, when you treat him to Monkey Sake, that he trained with another shinobi in the Sunken Valley. The sculptor’s partner played an eerie tune through their hole-bearing finger, he says. This other shinobi was the “Kingfisher”, as the prosthetic whistle tool’s description states. Also, the sculptor trained like a monkey, leaping amidst the rocks, as he puts it. He must be the “Bounding Monkey of the Sunken Valley”, as per the shinobi axe’s description (though that’s pretty obvious).
The finger says "The slender finger of a young woman" and yet when the sculptor is speaking of the other shinobi while drinking he refers to them as a "him". Maybe it was the sake getting to him
Also the sculptor's nickname is "Orangutan" as affirmed during the secret dialogue tree for the Alternate Good Ending wherein Sekiro dies instead of the Divine Heir. This lends further credence to him being the Bounding Monkey.
Thats because the sculptor says the whistling came from his ring. The finger wasnt his partners but was drilled in the same manner as shinobi do.
long finger required ahead
Is the finger Kingfisher's own finger? I assumed that it was a severed finger owned by kingfisher. The sentence "as evidenced by the open hole" implies that a hole is bored into the finger, which obviously wouldn't be done to a finger that was still attached to someone.
It's Kingfisher's finger. Her particular "song" came from blowing through the Malcontent's Ring and the holes bored through her own finger.
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that the owner of this hand is Tomoe. It's a bit of a stretch but let it be known on 4/21/2019
"The shinobi who used it before." Maybe this shinobi, who the sculptor refers to as HE, is not the same person who the finger was originally attached to who is a SHE. If this is so, then "Kingfisher" may refer to the woman who the finger belonged to, the ring itself, or the original owner of the ring. The sculptor also mentioned that he and his partner were both "rogue shinobis". Besides the sculptor and sekiro, only Owl was the other person mentioned as rogue shinobi in the game (mentioned by Juzou and Masanari if you eavesdrop on them during Hirata Estate revisited). Could it be, that Owl and Orangutan were once buddies?
I’m not sure about it being Owl (not denying it either), but if you pay close attention, the finger itself isn’t said to belong to Sculptor’s former partner, just the ring was. In fact, the Slender Finger seems to imply that this tool was known amongst shinobi, as if perhaps any slender finger would be fit to act as a whistle. I’m starting to wonder if this finger belonged to one of the Ōkami women, whereas the ring was special to Sculptor’s male partner. After all, the Ōkami DO have ridiculously slender fingers… Also note that the Guardian Ape’s watering hole rests at the basin of the Fountainhead Palace, so perhaps a dead Ōkami washed down the waterfall and was consumed by the Ape.