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Sen thrown cannot be recovered.
that would be overpowered. I mean we can't collect the kunai or shuriken we throw either kek
What is this inspired by? Reminds me of the Ragnarok "Throw Coins/Zeny" Ninja skill


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Final Fantasy games also have "Throw Gil" abilities.
It's a trope by a fictional policeman that throws money at criminals to capture them, Heiji Zenigata (zeni, get it?).
There are old kungfu stories about throwning coins.
Not sure if there's an upper limit, but with around 50k sen and getting up close to the enemy (it's a shotgun effect) Sen Throw appears to still be weaker than a regular sword attack and seems rather lackluster.
thanks I definitely won't be getting this upgrade then
You still need it to unlock the Lazulite Shuriken
Throwing money at your problem. (How much is used btw?)
4-8 sen a throw, depending on charge time. 2 emblems regardless of charge. It's pretty bad.
I'm above 1400 coin, and throws (R2) costs 10 coin regular and 15 when charged. I'm able to kill the Noble just before the Flower Viewing Stage Idol in 1 charged shot at point blank range. With Lazulite shuriken, it takes three charged shots. (Attack Power 11, regular NG)
I'm at 14,000 sen, costs 10, 15 on charge
Did some testing with Sen amounts 0 sen = nothing but dust is thrown, like it says. Still costs 2 spirit 1 - 250 sen = 1 coin thrown (tap) costs 1 sen 1 coin thrown (hold) costs 1 sen 250-500 sen = 3 coins thrown (tap) costs 5 sen 8 coins thrown (hold) costs 8 send 500+ sen = 5 coins thrown (tap) costs 10 sen 11 coins thrown (hold) costs 15 sen I didn't notice an increase in damage or coins past 500, and tested up to 50k Damage seems to be based on the individual coins. While a hit with all 11 coins is more damaging than a lazurite shuriken, it's range sucks and it costs twice as much spirit. However, it's super effective at breaking enemy poise at point-blank range by spamming it. This is very costly to spirit emblems, but very entertaining.
I have 67000 Sen so far. Can I just destroy the last boss' second phase with it?
I imagine it either has a limit or it has diminishing returns.
I have been running around yelling that at every enemy I see since I got this thing! It's the only use for sen I have left.
With 10.000 Sen: a tap or R2 trow 10 Sen, holding R2 send out 15 Sen