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By Anonymous
I don't see this mentioned here but if you used the spear on the headless ape when he's down, the other ape will jump on you while you're doing so. It always happens so many time for me that I think it's intentional. F U From.
Anyway, it will most likely hit you but if you let the spear animation play out then you'll take no damage..
By Anonymous
i dont know if anyone will see this but you can basically skip hist first phase pretty easily if you use the loaded spear while hes laying on the ground (after you deflext his 3 attack combo), it will pretty much do like 1/3 of his posture bar, for the second phase try to bait the scream attack and kill the brown ape in the meantime, sadly there is luck involved in the 2nd phase so just pray you wont get ganked
By Anonymous
I like to just save the spear for the second phase and completely focus on the headless ape and just quickly end the fight.
By Anonymous
tanto, divine confetti, ako sugar, sakura dance and spear. spam sakura dance and spear without stopping, ako sugar and tanto again for phase 2 and they'll die. fight takes like a minute 30
By Anonymous
Worst fight of the game (I am on the thrid playthrough charmless, for any * ready to spam "git gud"). The fight really highllights sekiro's weaknesses: Bad camera, awkward lock on controls, inconsistent hitboxes they are all there.
By Anonymous
Gut git
By Anonymous
Imagine defending this boss, just lazy *******. Braindead fromdrone.
By Anonymous
You are twitter
By Anonymous
This was an easy boss fight was able to kill in one go, no res.

I liked the withered design of the ape post-mortem. The long, gnarled fingernails , lost patches of fur, what appears to be a somewhat rotted head. FROMSOFT did a little extra to show some details of the passage of time with the undying, as I came to fight the Ape so that I can fight the sochimen warrior to get Malcontent's ring to then upgrade the finger ring to better fight the Demon of hatred
By Anonymous
Worst boss's fight in a sea of amazing boss fights. I wish this wasn't part of Mortal Journey, every time I do Mortal Journey this duo garbage boss fight always gets me.
By Anonymous
Personally I think this was easier than the regular guardian ape. I struggle with his first phase where he's a beast type but on the second phase his sword attacks are much easier to deflect and he doesn't have grab or doo doo attacks.
By Anonymous
The camera in this fight is brutal...
By Anonymous
Not sure if I got lucky or if the fight is designed this way but the apes only really attacked me one at a time. If I was near both of them, they would both attack me but if I was away from them, only one would charge me while the other just chilled in the back. Made the fight easier that I thought it would be
By Anonymous
You can skip the first phase entirely with a couple of items: Pop an Ako Sugar, Divine Confetti, and a Pacifying Powder/Purple Gourd sip. Then run up and simply slash - slash like your life absolutely depends on it (because it does)! Only parry if you feel it is absolutely neccesary. You can tank his scream attack and you do even more damage to him while he's screaming! You should be able to do phase 1 easily with this strat. I recommend popping some more damage items and using the mortal blade on him in phase 2 - it does heaps of damage.
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