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By Anonymous
phoenix lilac umbrella helps here as the scream attack can be blocked by it and allows a counter attack for free damage
By Anonymous
This boss was perfect, it just feels so unnescessary to let you fight him again and give him a carbon copy of his first phase to make it harder
By Anonymous
It's not a copy, it's the same boss. The Ape is immortal until you stab it with the Mortal Blade.
By Anonymous
If you drop down into the arena from above you can take off a quarter of the monkey's life bar and stun him before the fight even really starts.
By Anonymous
so u mean go in from the forest idol
By Anonymous
Why does this page exist when it's never called this anywhere? It's called Guardian Ape and it is the Guardian Ape so put this information on the Guardian Ape page
By Anonymous
You get two separate memories for defeating the bosses: one for the Guardian Ape and one for the Headless Ape. Simple as that.
By Anonymous
1) That's inaccurate. It drops Memory: Headless Ape. So it's not even true that it's not called that anywhere. 2) It's a slightly different fight with different strategies to the other, so splitting them both makes sense, and prevents on giant page flooded with strategies for two different fights
By Anonymous
Divine Confetti and Ako’s spirit fall makes him easy/ especially if you hit him with the Mortal Draw( when he does his scream that inflicts terror, hit him with the Mortal Draw and he will stop doing it)
By Anonymous
You don't need the Phoenix Lilac umbrella for the scream. Loaded Umbrella works perfectly fine.
By nem
I did not find the brown ape more aggressive than the headless. Not at all. I had numerous tries before i managed to best this fight, and not once was the brown one more aggressive. Part of my problem was that the brown one would kinda stay close to the headless, so it was hard to get any meaningful damage in. Ended up starting the fight with confetti and ados and Floating Passage art. Headless will use terror scream most of the time after that, and you will be able to take about 30%-35% of his life. Then just fight him as you would normally, but use FP when you have a large enough opening. I did not try the spear technique mentioned above, maybe next time.. Anyways, when the brown one shows up, if you are placed correctly you will just have enough time for oil+fire. But beware, she will swing at you a sec after she lands so have some distance. Start kiting the two around the arena and be patient. Set brown on fire again when the opportunity is there, but most of all just be patient. When the brown one is dead you can pop another ados and confetti and finish off headless. Im not gonna lie, i had a hard time with this fight because of the add and not being patient enough.
By Anonymous
Same on the aggressiveness. They were both constantly on my ***.
By Anonymous
The Ape Boss just gets double as fun when you add in the additional Ape. This was pure chaos but ultimately Ako's Sugar, Divine Confetti and Mortal Draw were the keys to victory. You can completely ignore the 2nd Ape (don't dps or kill it) and burst down the Headless Ape. The problem comes from that both Apes like to get very close together so it's difficult to keep them apart when they roam all around the Boss Arena. Remember to have Loaded Umbrella equipped as Prosthetic Tool to counter any sudden Terror Screams from the Headless Ape. I bet this comes ridiculously easy if you can optimize Ako's Sugar, Divine Confetti and Mortal Draw usage and hit the Headless Ape repeatedly with them.
By app13533d
To anyone like me who struggled to defeat the Guardian Ape & so may be unmotivated to attempt this fight with two of them, I can tell you that I nearly completed it on my first attempt (lucky shot by Headless) and did on my second. Didn't need Divine Confetti, just Firecrackers to stun the Brown Ape, Loaded Spear Thrust type when Headless was stunned as described & linked above & Umbrella (non-upgraded) to protect from Terror if Headless got me cornered or out of position with his Roar.
By Anonymous
the purple umbrella blocks terror and does large aberration damage. honestly it needs to be listed as a legitimate strategy and under weaknesses if this wiki intends to be helpful other than telling us to beat everything the hardest way possible.
By Anonymous
The terror scream is completely blocked by regular umbrella. Probably shouldn't be from a lore perspective but using an unupgraded umbrella will block the terror build and damage.
By Anonymous
Hands down an epic fight. I love the ape fights.
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