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By Anonymous
Just watched a stream apparently you can pull the worm out of him with the spear. Streamer was SingSing for reference
By Anonymous
what's with this game's strange obsession with apes and monkeys? I know they had a throw away line somewhere about shinobi needing to learn the way of the monkey or something, but the sheer amount of apes and monkeys seems excessive. Is there some aspect of Japanese culture or Buddhism that heavily involves monkeys that I just never knew until now?
By Anonymous
I had the same thought. You got downvoted by fanboys btw.
By Anonymous
If you're really having problems with this boss: 1. I recommend using red candy and fire to quickly kill the second ape because it's the main pain-phase. 2. Then just keep distance if you can and wait for her longest combo and parry the last attack, get a good load of health and repeat. 3. After about half of its health you can parry a kick or two and keep distance when you don't feel like it :). Continue until its posture is broken. Headless itself is surprisingly more scary than hard and by that time you should be pretty familiar with his moveset, so don't be afraid to loose most of the flask on the second ape phase.
By Anonymous
Just did it on my 2nd try. Before triggering him, use Pacifying Agent + Divine Confetti + Akos Sugar, in that order. Make sure to equip the "Floating Passage" combat art. Literally just lay into him as hard as you can with Floating Passage. His health bar will melt in less than 20 seconds with all your buffs. Use firecrackers & akos sugar again for brown ape. Her posture is garbage. Kill her ASAP and get your 2nd revive back if you used it. Once she's down, pop another pacifying agent and repeat on headless. Your divine confetti should last the entire fight.
By jakeinator21
My strat for this fight was to just burn the brown ape to death. Wait until it's done with a combo and hit it with the fire kamehameha. When it catches on fire, just keep circling and avoiding the headless one. Brown one comes back in again, burn it again. You can pretty much kill it entirely with just the fire if you've got the pine resin flame vent, I didn't hit it with my sword at all. Then once brownie is dead the headless one is a cakewalk solo.
By Anonymous
Discovered a glitch. Don't know what causes it, but I got two prayer bead notifications after I beat the double ape fight in the ashina depths, but I only got 1 bead. Had 2 beads before the fight but only 3 afterwards.
By Anonymous
I defeated the boss while having 3/4 Prayer Beads in my Inventory. I received both notifications for the Prayer Beads when they dropped, as well as seeing them go into my Inventory on the side of the screen; though it still said, "Wolf is currently holding 4 Prayer Beads" both times. After Enhancing my Vitality with 4 of them, the leftover one seems to have just disappeared, as I now have 0/4 in my Inventory.
By Anonymous
If you kill the just headless ape twice in a row you don't have to kill the other ape.
By Anonymous
Potential glitch/weakness with the finger whistle malcontent. I was trying to bake the brown hair ape go mad and started throwing the noise with the project force skill, and later the headless ape followed the noise. It became yellow awareness and started running around the arena looking for me. It found me when I used fireworks on the brown hair ape. I’m assuming that the ape followed the noise of the malcontent, and since it’s headless it can’t actually see/hear me however that works??? As I said I was using malcontent and it only worked once, needs further testing
By Anonymous
Look at the description for the basic version of the Finger Whistle: "The sound of the finger whistle enrages beasts. making them unable to distinguish friend from foe." I could be mistaken, but it seemed like the second ape got a LOT less aggressive once using the whistle on her. Which allowed me to get some breathing room from having to fend off constant attacks from both of them - I was able to focus more on not getting murdered by the headless while chasing #2 while she mostly ran away.
By Anonymous
Nevermind, apparently I'm blind and missed the note already clarifying that the whistle does nothing.
By Anonymous
if you guys have trouble with the summoned ape. you can burst him down before the headless ape joins the fight again (he has suprising little hp hence little posture aswell). maybe i was lucky but i positioned at the place the summoned guradian ape appears. i hit him 2-3 times then used firecrackers and hit him again until i executed him (it was very close he started his slam already though) the headless ape just stood back and watched patiently until i finished my onslaught ....
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