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By Anonymous
I honestly do not understand people saying this fight is hard. Headless Ape is nowhere near as dangerous as the first phase of Guardian Ape due to much clearer and less erratic combos, the spear does a TON of posture damage, and the brown ape's posture is filled up so quickly by firecrackers.
By Anonymous
You can(and should after your first NG) avoid this fight by simply going through it's arena and to the area beyond before fighting the first ape fight.

This fight is trash, once you have the Jutsu and chievo there's really no good reason to fight the stupid thing once you have them.

I'm on NG+2 at this point and I only fought the bastard once.
By Anonymous
Sounds like you just suck at the game. Cope, casual.
By Anonymous
one mortal draw use will pretty much fill the brown ape's posture bar, plus you can wait to parry the overhead slam from headless ape and while it's stunned try to find a opening to use firecracker then use mortal draw which will probably instantly fill up the brown ape's posture
By Anonymous
the ad that this guy spawns is cancer
By Anonymous
Cry harder
By Anonymous
On NG+, when the headless is aggressive, deflecting its overhead slash to stun it will always bring the brown ape forward, usually doing a jumping attack you can dodge and safely follow up a charged attack of some kind with. I just assumed that was the intended method of fighting it. This fight's still stupid.
By Anonymous
run away until you get a good opening to use charged mortal blade slash, and let it rip. it should decimate the brown ape with just one use, use firecrackers if its not ready for a deathblow yet.
By Anonymous
This fight is very easy. First phase is the same as second phase of guardian ape. In second phase, hit the headless one, this will force him to do the scream. Back away and the scream always prompts the second ape to charge forward. Use firecrackers and hit it seven times. This should kill the second one in three tries and then you can focus on the headless one again.
By Anonymous
A lazy, and pathetic artificial difficulty increase. Dreadful bossfight.
By Anonymous
I frankly disagree. While it's certainly no Orenstein and Smough, It's also no Godskin Duo. There is many opportunties to attack one of the apes while the other is passive and it's usually enough time to get a good hit in or two before the other ape rushes to assist his furry brethren. I found that for the first phase of the fight I was the one in control of the battle, it was too easy. The added ape changed that, as It forced me to slow down and think about how I was going to attack and what I would do if one of the apes rushed to help earlier than I expected. Both of the apes are extremely passive at times, so the player has ample time to think about that. It's not the greatest double boss fights in the world, but I thought it was alright.
By Anonymous
On NG+ the AI seems the complete opposite of what's described. Brown Ape will not attack and literally hides behind headless. Only starts attacking if I engage w/ headless who is hyperaggressive and pursues without stopping. I am literally running around in circles for five minutes and the brown ape has not attacked once. Always on the other side of the cave while headless is running after me constantly. I first timed on new game but I can barely get a hit in on NG+. I think the strat on NG+ is try to build headless' posture bar and just ignore the brown ape since it's basically impossible to get a hit in without trading for half your HP. Firecrackers or flame won't help bc headless will come in before you can get any damage.
By Anonymous
Yeah, I found on my first run that the Brown Ape was very passive while the Headless Ape was aggressive. I had to actively chase after the Brown Ape to kill it.
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