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So can this boss be killed before getting the mortal blade?
the first time as the Guardian Ape, yes cause I did a LOT of things out of order. The 2nd time, not sure. The area changes after certain events happen, so maybe you can't encounter it until you have the mortal blade
You can. I killed him without knowing to several his immortality. After you down him you get the option to finish him with the blade. His body will just be lying ther but it won't res. I think you get the typical deathblow taunt
HE IS NOT OPTIONAL when you beat guardian ape before you go there you need to beat the headless ape to progress. Now i cannot go any further because this boss is giving me a nightmare
I went to Depths first before I went to Sunken Valley and this fight wasn't there, so it is optional only if you knew about it
If you remove centipede inside guardian ape before, the fight will not appear


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Thank you for saying this! I Updated: If you find the Misty Forrest Sculptor's Idol prior to defeating the great ape you can travel to it and skip this boss.
He is optional. I never encountered the Guardian Ape, and went through this exact area to get to Mibu, and he didn't appear.
I don't have this boss wtf


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1) Did you defeat the Guardian Ape in the Sunken Valley yet? If no, then it won't have spawned yet. 2) If yes, did you receive the Mortal Blade prior to defeating the Guardian Ape? 3) If yes, did you use finish off the Guardian Ape with the Mortal Blade severing its immortality in the Sunken Valley? If no, then it should be there. If it is not then you've discovered another route through the game that should be added to the article. The game is only a few days old so everything is still being updated constantly as more people share their experiences.
Go to Ashina depths - Poison pool idol, then go where the mini boss with a sniper was, right behind where he was is the apes cave.
I gotta say it just feels cheap to copy paste a boss in the area directly after his first appearance. I just put in the stress of learning the apes moves, and now I have to refight his second phase AND another phase with an additional enemy on top of that? Come on! At least give me a new boss.
From has a tendency of making a copied boss in each game, the bosses before this are all amazing so cut em some slackslack
Putting an iteration of an existing boss in the game is fair enough, but right after the first encounter is really stupid.
What if it's the same headless ape you fought before?
This one has noticeably less health per life, and has a second ape appear in the second round. The new challenge is thinking around there being 2 of them. This means that the same exact strategies don’t work - especially for people who got lucky the first time and didn’t learn patterns, but also having to think around 2 enemies attacking at once in a game designed for 1 on 1 fighting
So this boss doesn't exist for me. I killed it out right with my mortal blade and it does not spawn. Did I mess something up?
Go to Ashina depths - Poison pool idol, then go where the mini boss with a sniper was, right behind where he was is the apes cave.
somebody says u can actually kill the ape during ur first encounter with mortal blade, I didnt know this so I beat the first encounter with mortal blade but I didnt use it and I didnt activate the idol.behind it FUUUUCKCKKKKKKKKFUUUUCKCKKKKKKKK
If it makes you feel any better, I had the Mortal Blade when I fought the Guardian Ape the first time and I still had to fight the Headless Ape in the den. Don't think it makes a difference for the first fight.
I mean, his second fight does give you 2 prayer beads and a memory so I think it's worth it.
You can't
Can confirm in my NG+ playthrough I fought him purposely to see if this theory was possible. After you kill him his body just dissapears. If it helps lore wise this 2nd ape is technically meant to be him. I didn't make sense with his body dissapearing so a tad confusing
It works like this, probably: The Guardian Ape you fight first is the one that didn't die when whatever happened to separate the pair happened. Its mate became a Headless, while the surviving Guardian went on to go protect the White Lotus Flower hoping its original mate would appear. When you kill it, however, its regret/anger at dying without meeting its mate again turns it into a Headless Ape. The Headless Ape you find after beating the Guardian Ape is the one that died, originally, which is what made the first Guardian Ape go on to protect the Lotus Flower. The Brown Ape it summons during the fight can either be their child (Gorillas don't go "White" until they're very old), or it could be another Ape, since the Monkeys around the Sunken Valley all appear to be younger versions of the Guardian Ape--the brown ones are the youngest, while the two White Ones you find with Swords are older/shinobi apes that the Sculptor mentions taught him and his partner how to be shinobi..
From finally did it guys. They managed to create the*****tiest boss in videogame history
Nope! Please remember the twin tigers in the last dlc of DS2. THOSE were a real nightmare....
So I think one thing that makes this boss hard for people is not realizing the key to the fight is all about maintaining proper distance. you have to abandon souls logic of getting super up close to him just because he's big, if your getting terror screamed a lot you're to close. He only screams if your right up under him. you want to be just on the edge of his sword swings so you can deflect them and wait for one his movesets that ends with him falling on the ground, run up, get a couple hits, and then retreat from his scream before reaping the process. when the second ape shows up you want to down it as fast as possible. just like the first phase of the un-beheaded guardian ape (which probably intentionally dose follow dark souls logic) use firecrackers to stun, run around it's back and wail on one of it's legs. this can cause it to fall over twice and get scared of you when it gets back up if you do it right. don't chase it if it dose run, wait for it to get bold again while avoiding headless (firecrackers have a cool down before they work again anyway) and when it charges you again repeat. if you just keep on eye on headless, he's really not that difficult to stay away from with some sprints and a few jumps. you should be able to take the brown ape out in only 2 or max three round of this. also divine confetti helps a ton for doing damage on headless. despite what your instincts tell you, mad dashing this fight is not the way to go.
I hate when this game makes you fight one or more enemies while you fight the boss. This monkey and Juzou were unfair. I can't fight both of them at the same times in so tiny location. Most of the time if you get stuck in a corner you are dead, because the *****ing camera will **** you anus and you won't be able to get out of there. This guy wasn't that bad, but oh my *****ing god i don't know how many times i died to Juzou and his *****boy (the guy that poisons you and runs like an olympic champion). That fight with Juzou and his *****boy gave me a *****ing cancer. My hands were shaking after that fight. I already had troubles with those enemies when you have to meet an Owl at the top of a castle, but coupled with a boss it was a *****ing nightmare. I seriously don't like being ganged by 2 bosses at the same time, this is unfair and feels cheap.