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The best way to farm gold and items in the game. Enemies caught in the vortex generate an drop, in addition to what they normally drop when they are killed. Basically with this tool you can get twice the loot from a single enemy, highly recommended to get this tool before you start farming.
I don't think it's too good for sen farming (because of the high spirit emblem cost, and eventually even if you have 999 emblems, they get used up), but for items, definitely. For example, the Furminated Mercury is pretty hard to get, and the fastest way to farm it is (after Ashina is burning) go to the Ashina Castle idol, go up the stairs and release the winds in the middle of the red guys, they don't always drop Fulminated Mercury, but that's your best chance on getting it.
It seems like there's a glitch where if you whirl them and they drop an item, then kill them and they drop another item, the first item drop disappears. So what I've been doing is: R2 Gathering Vortex -> R2 Donation Whirl -> hold Square to collect loot #1 -> R1 Deathblow -> keep holding Square to collect loot #2. Also a Ceremonial Tanto before every other Donation Whirl helps a lot to extend farming runs.
you only get loot from whirling them once - even if you whirl them twice there's no extra loot from it
Golden wind? is that a mother *****ing jojo reference???
Kills monks instantly for me?!?! Funny stuff
Yea, I think it has to do something with religion, when you give Kotaro (the big guy in Senpou temple) the white flower, he asks you to 'spirit him away', and you use this, or any other Divine Abduction upgrade, and he disappears, going into the Illusionary Hall, where you 'fought' the Screen Monkeys.
Crafting requirements appear to be incorrect In-game says " 2 Adamantite, 2 Grave wax, 4 Fat wax, 8 Iron"
If you use this on the monks in the temple area it instantly kills them and it still gives you both drops,layers game you can get grave wax from them also....now if only you could get fulminated mercury as easily...
The cannon guys in the poison pool drop mercury rarely. With demon bell and drop upgrades should get a few every 10 minutes or so.
*spoilers* after ashina is set alight, go to the idol at the stairs in ashina outskirts. There are 4 enemies in this area which drop fulminated mercury pretty often and you can deathblow them all from behind (starting with the one in the watchtower, then the one under him, then go through the burning gates and get the last two) this is a super easy way to get loads of fulminated mercury