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which enemies drop these?
Just dropped from the enemies in the fountainhead palace, the samurai/ninja guys
From Fountainhead Palace, walk down the stairs and drop attack the ball kicking woman woman to the left. Drops pretty frequently with bell demon.
Fountainhead Palace Samctuary, walk down the stairs and drop attack the ball kicking woman to the left. Drops pretty frequently with bell demon.
I dont know why it says the straw hats drop them. I've been farming straw hats for an hour and all I've gotten is iron scrap. This has to be wrong.
You gotta wait till Ninja's attack the Castle. Loot Tables are different in the late game. Before that event, they will drop Iron normally, and Magnetite rarely. Afterwards they will drop Magnetite normally, and Adamantite rarely.
ninjas havent attacked in my game, farmed the straw hats today morning getting nothing, now already 3 pieves... seems just random... bell is on. havent checked if they still drop iron without bell..
Blue monk near Old Grave idol has a decent chance of dropping them with Bell Demon (uncommon). Just wait for him to walk left and as soon as he turns around run straight at him and backstab. His friend is easy just deflect and posture break. Blue monk also has common chance of 2 Scrap Magnetite if you’re farming
Item that must be farmed for upgrading all tools from the most hated mob straw hats in the game (if anyone knows how to reliably kill them without stealth please tell it) joy...
the key is to do the in-air death blow when they jump. makes short work of them!
Swing at them until they deflect, then use Whirlwind Slash. In fact, I really just spam Whirlwind Slash a bunch. It can hit them in midair, stunning them.
The guys in purple that are next to the Antechamber Idol drop them. It’s pretty rare but if you go from the Antechamber Idol stealth kill the guy in the next room then run back to Idol and rest it’s a pretty good farming method for various materials and exp.
This is in endgame btw.
Endgame as in right after defeating the true corrupted monk. My farm path is the blue samurai, first purple ninja, pop gachiin spiritfall circle around two blue samurai and backstab second purple ninja — second purple ninja seems to drop adamantite scrap frequently. My last run the blue samurai dropped iron scrap, the first purple ninja dropped magnetite scrap, the second purple ninja dropped adamantite scrap while farming skill points for mushin arts
One underwater in the lake where the serpent wrecks the bridge, before Riven Cave.
With virtuous deed rank 2 and bell demon, you can reliably farm adamantite and magnetite off of the spear wielding monk next to the old grave idol. Long before late game(I havn't even beaten the guardian ape yet).
It's like a 1/10 shot and once the invasion starts, he becomes less reliable to backstab. If you run by him where the purple ninja jumps off the roof onto Ashina soldiers past the bridge, you can reliably backstab him if you sprint up there. He backs into you for a quick kill and he drops Adamantite Scrap as well, but rarely.