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By Anonymous
Did anyone else just not bother to use any of them at all? They're all trash and so often the inputs get confused whether you want to do them or a deflect/attack if you have to deflect and attack rapidly which is literally every boss
By Anonymous
Don't confuse your inputs.
By Anonymous
Didn’t really have that experience, floating passage made genichiro super easy, as the flurry limitis him to like 3 different counter attacks
By plll
wrong image for floating passage
By Anonymous
The new Sakura Dance Combat art is awesome.
By Anonymous
You can use it to reverse lighting.
By Anonymous
Someone needs to write a list which skill is good on which mob/boss.
By Anonymous
Ichimonji double!!!!
By Anonymous
If we have 2 slot for combat arts and you can switch between them with arrow down there gonna be insane combos |:
By Anonymous
It's a real shame there's only one slot for Combat Arts. Imagine if you could use Senpou Leaping Kicks then follow that up with Nightjar Reversal.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Same as Isshin. He used more than 3 combat arts. Very Pittyful
By Anonymous
IMO I wish there was a 2nd slot for combat arts. I rarely find myself having more than 4 quick slot items at any time, so I'd gladly give 1 slot up in exchange. On a PS4 controller, I'd remap the controls to this; Up to change prosthetic tool, down to change combat art, left & right to cycle quick slot items, square to interact/eavesdrop, & triangle to use quick slot items.
By Anonymous