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c'mon guys, how long has the game been out? How has this topic gotten so little attention?
How bout you help update it then? Instead of just whining like an obnoxious little anonymous *****.
LUL ... help update it. not even a week out.


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I added some stuff so hoplefully this helps others notice it aswell. Editing a wiki is hard and it's difficult to make it look good. Soz
When do you open The second skill slot?
The second slot is the ninjutsu slot, and you open it by killing Genichiro.
The damage that the combat arts that requires spirit emblems puts out is far to low in comparison to the spirit emblems required for them. Also performing these are typically a risk as you can't animation cancel out if an enemy suddenly does an unblockable attack, and the reward for getting them off isn't all that great (except for maybe Ichimonji: Double on Genchiro Ashina).


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Okaaay so I totally don't understand the editor, thought I was competent enough to keep adding what was missing. It looks kinda weird right now but at least it has more info, and none of it is gone. Mods and kind people please chip in and help complete this page! <3
Wish they’d let us hold more than one combat art at a time and maybe have a quick change for ninjutsu. Having to pause during battle to swap them is kinda lame
interact button during fight doesnt do anything so they probably can make it swap combat arts.


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Shadowrush and the upgrade which I don't rembember the name atm are super cheesy, they conect almost evertime and do decent damage
for me this page has everything forced into the side and i cant see anything becuase of that
What about that combat art when u get mortal blade, does it do the same damage even if u dont have spirit emblems because i can still perform it and i dknow is that combat art nerft,plz help
Combat arts can be performed regardless of whether you have spirit emblems or not, it just deals significantly less damage when you don't have enough for the required number of them.
Mortal Draw doesn't have a page yet for some reason (although empowered mortal draw does). It's pretty great against blocking bosses as it does great chip damage even when defended against.
Missing "Floating Passage" you can buy from Harunaga.