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Max Vitality seems to be 20. This is apparently assuming the player manages to accrue 10 Prayer Bead bracelets.
It feels so bad to have a*****ton of vitality and have a mile-long healthbar only for enemies to kill you in two shots just as easily as when you had a tiny healthbar
welcome to the sekiroulsborne ring franchise
Health upgrades are so pointless. Oh, the enemy two shots you? Well, now he 2 shots you a bit softer. Kinda makes me wish there were forms of damage reductionother than that worthless candy that expires after 15 seconds or so.
Idk, fighting guardian ape 1 vs headless ape I felt like I could tank a whole lot more hits. Posture is definitely the better and more noticeable upgrade, and i bet late game bosses would 1 shot a base player. but bottom line most of the time if your taking health dmg you messed up right?
It's posture that's important, not the health.
You can survive hits and perilous attacks from late game bosses that would otherwise one-shot you. So, getting insta killed or getting up and heal are 2 very different things.
The sugars last 30 seconds and 45 seconds if you have devotion.
Health upgrades are not worthless against all regular enemies which is majority of game. If you are fighting a boss you will take heavy damage reguardless but will be more sustainable because alot of attacks could 1 shot kill ypu without vitality upgrades.
Compare the health at the start to the health at the end. By the midpoint almost every attack does at least the full starting health bar. Also, it incentivises you to explore and kill more mini bosses.
Okay is there something with the Samurai that makes them ALWAYS take half your hp with that thrust attack? They did it early game, and they do it now that I have max vit. What gives?
I'm not sure, but if you practice enough, you could just Mikiri Counter it. You can't deathblow them that way, but you can do a lot of damage to their posture.
To me it gives the game a sense of of immersion to improve my health and posture just a little bit but still be suceptible to death by one or two sword strikes.
Perilous attacks always deal boosted damage if they hit regardless of your vitality.
Vitality is kinda useless in the game. Most bosses 2 shot you, and being able to tank 3 hits is very rare. The only positive is the posture up.
The point of the upgrades is so you die in 2-3 hits and not one lmao
I believe perilous thrust attacks deal damage as percentage of total vitality. I think it's somewhere between 50-80%.
What gives? Well that move halves your health, no matter how many vitality you have apparently.
I think they increase posture too...
Health and attack is useless.. i made someone kill my selfi... he hit 5 times and i died when i Just have 10 vitality.. after i upgrade to 20, its still same.. Just 5 hit and die.. attack is same.. i tried kill someone and give 3 hit , and he die.. anter upgrade attack to 99, its still 3 hits.. so, i think this game use %.. 1 hit decrease 30, 45, org 80 % of our health... same to enemy.. so, if you try to collect all prayer beads, ist pointless and useless in this game.. Just try if you dont sure
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IT also increases your posture, which is very important when deflecting successive attacks or just blocking, so its not as useless as you make it out to be. Your a shinobi, you arent meant to tank hits like a medievil knight in full plate.
Yeah cause enemies get harder throughout the game lol try not upgrading at all then say it’s useless
Bro go stealth on the minions then the health an attack upgrade are supposed to help vs bosses
I lost 2 attack power and 2 vitality after I after I enhanced attack power with skill points, that means I lost 20 skill points wtf man?
You must have died bc that’s the only way you lose skill points, money.
Lost all my points ***** this game man
It is impossible to loose beads or upgraded vitality, not sure what you're on about.
I don't like how the game doesn't show you the percentages like all other dark souls games. I not only want to see damage dealt to me but, the amount of health points I posses along with increments. FFS until know I thought Vitality and posture are the same thing and it has to do with how you parry and block. Nothing to do with actual amount of healthpoints.
Sekiro, unlike previous souls games, literally pauses the game and tells you in no uncertain terms exactly the difference between posture and vitality, how each takes damage, and how one effects the other. From Soft put in Baby tutorials for Sekiro and people like you still dont know how to read. Smh.