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By Anonymous
Suppose they thought they were funny naming this guy lmao
By Anonymous
“Lone shadow” has a mob in boss fight? What sense is that
By Anonymous
This is such a terrible arena for his fight. It's such a small and cluttered room for such an agile enemy and the low hanging ceiling just screws with your camera when you jump to doge his sweeps
By Anonymous
hes EASY to beat without the other distraction. you can Puppeteer the other one but just stand aside and be busy with your buffs and heal and all that.
no need to extend the puppet duration you are wasting spirit emblems.
just watch them kill each other then when the puppet dies its your turn. its easier this way without the puppet distracting your auto target.
By Anonymous
Prepare for trouble! And make it double!
By Anonymous
Emma casually chilling in the room above us while were getting ****ing destroyed by these two
By Anonymous
They're on the right side. I got caught sneaking and died because of this error.
By Anonymous
Ahh, you can come at it from the inside. I was using the window since that's where the game naturally leads you when you're on the rooftop.
By Anonymous
Don't be discouraged from trying to fight both Shadows at once, that's not really as Impossible as it might during the first few attempts. If you don't stand right between them but instead create some space, they take turns attacking much more often than attack both at once. Sometimes one of them would just walk around doing mostly nothing.
Some easy opportunities for attacking might be thrusting at a Shadow during his kick combo, throwing shuriken when they jump or using weapon arts in the air after dodging a sweep.
By Anonymous

Fextralife, proving that theres a guide even worse than powerpyx
By Anonymous
This dude got rolled by this miniboss and blamed the guide for not telling him to stealth kill lmao
By Anonymous
Dodge towards him whenever he winds up an attack