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By Anonymous
Man some of these comments are funny AF.. but damn she really is no joke, especially on ng+2
By Anonymous
After hitting with her grab attack, sometimes she follows up with a slice that you need to dodge away from, other times she does not use that. Is there something that'll tell in advance whether she'll use her sword? Are those two different grab attacks that look very similar?
I wouldn't be surprised in that case, because even with 5h+ spent on these bosses I still couldn't consistently dodge-iframe her grab, and if there were two different grab attacks with different timings than that'd explain things.
By Anonymous
"Be cautious as she likes to grab often, sweep moderately, and thrust sporadically."
damn she a freak
By Anonymous
I know I'll be sent to the horny mines for this or whatever, but I do find her movements during the fight quite alluring. Makes me wish we could've gotten a more complex fight against a swordswoman that fights like her.
By Anonymous
bro what??
By Anonymous
I appreciate the fact that even if what we're doing in this ending is totally immoral (and we only do it for the trophy), the game accepts that, and still gives us a fun fight, instead of a troll boss like Sans in Undertale.

The only problem with this boss fight is that it's too long: 3 phases, 1 for Emma and 2 for Isshin. That took some patience for me.
By Anonymous
Sans is a fun fight wym. And he isint really a “troll” fight. his true power is hinted at throughout the game.
By Anonymous
"The only problem with this boss fight is that it's too long"
If you do any other ending you have a boss fight that's even longer (1-3)