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i can tell u there are no rewards ! :D
if u choose to side with the Owl and kill Emma, I dont think u have humanity
Lol you dumb asf to think that way.
That is kind of the whole point you become a Shura a killing machine.
It is required for the worst ending, so yeah, no Humanity.
I’m super pissed I was just clicking through owls diologue and accidentally sided with him on my first play through so now I have to fight Emma and Isshin
I may not have humanity but I’m one trophy from the platinum, and this B is in the way of it
The Iron code is absolute
At least she found a demon to fight...
When firekeeper had enough of your shiit..
I don't think I've ever been this angry at a video game in my lifetime. All of her attacks look exactly the same, her grab has twice the range it should, and she has instant damage counters if you even think of trying to heal. I've done all bosses aside from the shura ending, and I legitimately think she's harder than Sword Saint Isshin.
I died at least 30 times trying to beat her and the subsequent encounter... if youre stubborn enought, youll kill them.
For her you need to be super aggressive. Almost all her attacks can be interrupted with an normal hit. Her grab will only dash forward, so jump to her back.
she is not that difficult. she can be easily cheesed. either by using shadow rush, or sprinting past her. i was able to take her down with still 7 health potions and all of my spirit emblems by adapting a "running" strategy. i would bait attacks and run past her, this nearly always gave me 2-3 free hits in her back. however, i can not really describe how to pull this sprinting thing off, you kinda just have to figger it out on your own. (oh, and i always unlock from the boss and run across the room to heal)
I ship her with Sekiro so hard
Go away you weeb
Emma x Kuro is where it's at, eigaka needs to get on it
Emma doesn't drop a memory, correct?