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Does the oil urn work with the shinobi firecracker? I cannot discern whether it's considered "fire," or not... ~W
No. This is purely for "stun" purposes and doesn't inflict any damage :) .
Oil urn just makes it easier to proc "burn" status from stuff like the flame vent. The shinobi firecracker doesn't actually cause any direct damage, it just stuns.
"This Prosthetic Tool (and all its subsequent upgrades) doesn't work against apparition-type enemies." Is the Mibu Village corrupted monk not considered an apparition type? Firecrackers stun her as well as 3 uses of a snap seed, malcontent I believe, and throwing ash.
The Corrupted Monk in Mibu Village is not an apparition, but rather an illusion. This is almost certain because the Divine Confetti does not work on her, but things like Snap Seeds can stun her That, and you fight the "true" Corrupted Monk again, who is VERY much alive and has the creepy centipede(?) in her that represents her immortality
Can you fully posture break an enemy with just this, or do you need to attack it to fill the bar fully?
Can confirm, you can break an opponent’s posture with nothing but the firecrackers.
0nly guardian ape's waifu's posture


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How to kill half the bosses in the game lmao