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By Anonymous
You can kind of relax on his lightning fast combos if you have the umbrella, just watch out for his grab attack, on his fourth phase.
By Anonymous
Probably one of the best fights FromSoft's ever given players. Here's a tip, make sure to stock up on consumables before this fight. Before dropping down, use:

Divine Confetti
Ako's Sugar
Gokan's Sugar
Purple Gourd or a Pacifying Agent.

You're going to want to practice deflection really hard, and make sure you AT LEAST have decent combat arts. (Obviously, Shadowrush is a must.)
Once you drop down for the deathblow, you're going to be hit with a flurry of attacks SO DON'T ATTACK YET. Just put your guard up and wait. This is a battle of attrition. Going hard on it will severely punish you. Good luck.
By Anonymous
not seriously, it's a joke, it's only second hardest boss in the game. Don't listen to him
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Wasn't expecting pinwheel to make a cameo in this game
By Anonymous
i had heard that this guy was the easiest boss in the game but jesus christ i didnt think it was THAT easy
By Anonymous
LMAO I just killed this guy and cannot describe how much i'm surprised right now lololol
With all that mist, followers, music, high level area etc. I thought he will be very hard hahaha
By Anonymous
the flute song he plays is beautiful I listen to it all the time. actual favourite boss.
By Anonymous
This. Reason I checked him out on the wiki was to see if you had to fight him cause he was so weak and was playing a nice tune
By Anonymous
Haha all jokes aside I’ve literally felt bad enough to step back and give him some time to attack, he’s completely useless and does nothing.
By Anonymous
Single hardest boss in sekiro if not the single hardest boss of any Fromsoft game. What were they thinking with this guy? He has so many different attack chains that come in so fast it's near impossible to tell what he's about to do next.
By Anonymous
You haven’t fought soldier of Godrick I’m guessing
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